Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sex Toys Banned

Sherri Williams, the owner of adult stores in Alabama, stands before the U.S. Supreme Court. She is asking the court to throw out a state ban on selling sex toys, calling it an unconstitutional intrusion into the bedroom. This is just insane, how can the government ban sex toys. The ban is not just for twisted sex toys like the one used in the movie Seven, but it is banning dildos, vibrators and other sex toy products. Courts are upholding the ban as constitutional and saying "the state's interest in preserving and promoting public morality provides a rational basis for the challenged statute." Alabama is one of a handful of states, including Texas and Georgia, with laws restricting sales of sex toys. The Alabama "anti-obscenity" law bans the sale of sex toys but not their possession. Can the government worry about other things besides sex toys; perhaps gun control, education, drunk driving, gang violence, unemployment, health care, and multiple other "big" problems in the United States. We spend so much time and money on trivial bullshit while our children are receiving piss-poor schooling and are being gunned down by gang-bangers. Ugh!


Ratty. said...

If successful it will drive them underground and create a black market just like prohibition did with alcohol. Chance for a bit of business here - exporting massive twitching rubber cocks to the US. and making large profits.

Ratty. said...

We spend so much time and money on trivial bullshit while our children are receiving piss-poor schooling and are being gunned down by gang-bangers. Ugh!

Glad to see that the USA. is no different to England.

Jenny! said...

If you supply the cocks, I will sell them - we can split the profits 50/50!!!

zen wizard said...

This seems contrary to the finding in Lawrence v. Texas.

I could see banning sex toys that cause mayhem (permanent disfigurement) or could maybe double as a weapon.

Some sex toys like your basic vibrator could double as a theraputic device, however.

Ratty. said...

Deal partner.

Jenny! said...

Are you a lawyer or a pervert???...cuz you are really knowledgable about these kinds of things! I agree that sexual weapons should be banned, but not harmless rubber dicks!

It will be nice doing business with you!

captain corky said...

Don't the states that you mentioned in your post still fly the Confederate flag proudly? WTF is wrong with people?

Jenny! said...

Yep! Rednecks must have a hard time with fake dicks bigger than their own!

Ed said...

Jenny it's the same here - the politicos spend plenty of time on the trivia so that we forget the bigger stuff behind the scenes.

The government seems powerless to stop the kids here shooting and stabbing each other, and useless at educating them too. Plus ca change...!

Sarah said...

If I had to choose I would rather have my child take a dildo to school than a gun!

Im not sure when we all decided that the government should control morality but I am not comfortable letting the goverment decide what is moral and what is not. They do not have a good track record of moral activities.

Jenny! said...

I knew you would like this one...oh, can I start a "Dead To Me" list on my blog...I have so many things to put on!

The govt. needs to leave decisions involving my crotch to me!!!

Fever Dog said...

Maybe she could sell them from Guantanamo Bay, since it's outside of the US and the laws don't apply. Other than that, I think some days I get outrage fatigue -- where incredible displays of ignorance and stupidity just don't surprise me.

Jenny! said...

Fever Dog:
I feel ya, I think we get stupider by the day!

Hammer said...

I don't anyone should legislate against inanimate objects.


She lost me on gun control...that's hippocritical.

Here in Texas you can only own 6 dildos or vibrators and then only as educational tools "for condom demonstration" If they catch you selling them at a party or having more than 6 you go to jail.

Jenny! said...

That's pretty rough...only 6!

Who lost you on gun control??? Me? I am confused!

Hammer said...

The lady in the article said they should have gun control instead of rubber dick control.

Yoda said...

Dildo go in, come out, and vibrate.

Oh how dangerous!

Probably the state should also make sure that all cucumbers are used for food related purposes only?

Jenny! said...


Oh, got it, sorry - slow kid today!

Jenny! said...


There are so many things that should be banned if sticking them up you is a problem!