Friday, June 22, 2007

Birth Order & Elevator Trouble

This Tribune article states that a study has found that firstborns are smarter than the rest...yeah! Social ranking among siblings may determine intelligence levels and firstborns are 2 IQ points higher than the the rest.

Hillary Clinton
President Bush
Lindsay Lohan
Marc Anthony
Brad Pitt
Mandy Moore
George Washington
*Most American Presidents are the oldest.

Avril Lavigne
Martin Luther King Jr.
Joss Stone

Mike Myers
Jim Carrey
Halle Berry
Orlando Bloom
Hilary Duff
Frankie Muniz

Laura Bush
Natalie Portman
Charlize Theron
Oprah Winfrey
Rudy Giuliani
Tiger Woods

I am the oldest child so this is kind of article makes my day! It also makes me feel better since today I did a dimwitted thing that made me feel like a drooling fool. I fell into an elevator! Yes, like in the funny movies...I fell into the elevator! My building has been having some problems lately with our elevators, like they haven't been stopping at the correct point making you have to take a step up or down...or just completely stopping between floors and getting stuck. So, the doors open, I wasn't paying attention enough to look down and check...and bam...fell right on my face into the elevator! So so cute I was! The elevator had stopped about a foot short of the landing! Luckily no one saw this and I didn't get hurt...just felt plain stupid is all! If I am the oldest and my IQ is two points higher than my sisters...then they are in for some serious trouble!


Ratty. said...

I will never know. I was left in a carrier bag outside a Yate's Wine lodge when I was few hours old. I was adopted and brought up by an elderly couple who wanted help on their smallholding. They didn't even bother to name me, I picked my own name when I started school.

The [Cherry] Ride said...

This is such bullshit. I'm the youngest of two, and waaay smarter than my older brother.

Jenny! said...

That is so sad...are you looking for a pity fuck???

Jenny! said...

The Cherry Ride:
Don't be hating on the oldest!

RAFFI said...

you're lucky you didn't get hurt or worse. i'm the oldest, too. but i don't fall into elevators :)

Ratty. said...

That is so sad...are you looking for a pity fuck???

Oh go on then if it makes you feel better.

Jenny! said...

That's just luck on your part!

Jenny! said...

Well, I don't want to force you or anything!

Brian in Oxford said...

Can we make a

"I'd have thought you'd LIKE getting the shaft"

joke about the elevator? :)

Pastor Stew said...

I have to agree with Mr. Ride on this one. My older sister screwed over her life just as bad as W is screwing over us. On the other hand, I share the same birthday with Jim Carrey and we are both the youngests. I guess that explains why I am so cool and funny. Older siblings make all the mistakes which screws over all the younger siblings because they can't do crap becuase they will end up like the oldest so we sit in our rooms and make people laugh since our lives are ruined by our older sisters who went to parties and got knocked up so we had to join the chess club and youth group. You happy now sis?

Michael C said...

I too am the oldest. I am sending this to my little brother...framed, of course!

Sarah said...

Ive also heard that every time you get hit in the head you loose brain cells. Hmmm elevator fal coul dset you backa few. Glad your ok though.

I am the youngest of two and while by degrees attained I am smarter than my older I am way dumber when it comes to common sense.

NAME: Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

When I think about most people I know, that list makes a lot of sense. I'm the youngest of two, and I'm dumber than a bag of rock salt.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I'm an oldest child.

It stands to reason, if you think about it. sperm deteriorates with age. Having them young gives them a head start.

snowelf said...

I am the oldest too!
I rank supreme!

I have never fallen into an elevator.
But once, when I was pregnant, I went to sit on the toilet and somehow...well, missed.
I ended up on some very cold tile!

God help my little brothers...


Jenny! said...

Brian In Oxford:
I do like to get the shaft...but only when expecting it!

Jenny! said...

Paster Stew:
Bitter and angry much??? Just breathe, in and out, in and out!

Jenny! said...

Michael C:
I love being the oldest!

Jenny! said...

Yeah, I hit my head alot! It's a give or take kind of thing...if you are extremely book smart, you are a totally dumbass when it comes to common sense and vice verse!

Jenny! said...

Dr. Noisewater:
Bag of rock salt huh! I have this great product that I am selling, just send $1000 in cash and I will drop off the product!

Jenny! said...

Good point! See everything comes back to sperm!

Jenny! said...

That must have hurt! I have good aim with toliets...its the rest of the world that trips me up!

One Lil Aussie said...

I am dim, and the youngest member of the family. And I am proud of it! ;)
And if Dubya is the smartest member of their family....shiiiiit, the rest of them must be REALLY stupid!!

George said...

Carry an umbrella and watch out for falling Jennies.

I am the oldest and it shows.

Jenny! said...

Lil Aussie:
You are not dim...that is what we call (affectionately)...special! I love you just the same!

Jenny! said...

Cocky fellow! It shows that I am the oldest sisters fall down elevator shafts...I just trip into them!

La Cremiere said...

What about if the gene mix is different, e.g. your mom or dad is not the same as your older sibbling, do you become the oldest child of the new mix, right?

Does it still work if you don't know you have an older sibbling?

I'm done with the rubbish. My older brother is probably 20pts more intelligent than me but on the other hand, my hubby, middle child is 50pt smarter than his sibblings. He must be the exception that confirms the rule

Fever Dog said...

I'm not as smart as my big brother? Yeah, no surprise there.

Jenny! said...

Its not a pefect science, but since it is in my favor as being the oldest sibling...i rather like ot believe it!

Jenny! said...

But you are very your big bro's not funny!

Ashley said...

Marc Anthony.
Mandy Moore.

These are people who are supposed to support the theory that first born children are smarter????

Give me some scientist, philosophers, something....

BTW-Younger is smarter in my familia.

Jenny! said...

Yeah, this doesn't apply to you and you sibling!

I think that the Usher types were put in the list for the middle and youngest children...afterall they will think those people are smart!

It's Me... Maven said...

Not sure about that list, I thought Oprah had some half-siblings.