Saturday, July 28, 2007

Around The House!

I was really really bored today-the house is clean, the laundry's done, no where to I decided to take some pictures of the things that I love about my house!

Now, I don't really LOVE this because clearly...I am OCD about cleaning and this is just not "organized" enough for me...but my son loves his train set, and I love that he loves it!

This is a caricature that was done a few years ago of Don and I...and it just cracks me up! My chin looks like an egg! Don's neck looks like some fucking freakish bird!

This is my refrigerator...and I love to fill it with pictures of Donovan...what else!

This is my is the most impractical space, but it fits this thing perfectly and what better way to waste space then to put up more pictures of Donovan. We found this dresser/table thing in the garbage...we hauled it's heavy fucking ass up to our second floor apartment. It's real wood and was in great I don't know who would throw that out!

This is the newest edition to our Asian influenced decorations! It's almost as big as Donovan and he's totally cool! We told Donovan that he wakes up at night and eats you if your not sleeping! So mean...but hey, it works!
This is a painting that I had done by some street artist (total tourist thing I know) in the Forbidden City when I was in Beijing.

This is my favorite depiction of Buddha...we have a lot of Buddha's in our house...and this is by far my favorite...he's totally smokin' a joint (what it really depicts is the mudra meaning, "I will come and lead you to heaven").

This is a silk, um....I don't know what it's called...but its hand made and made of real's pretty kick ass...and from Singapore!
And favorite thing about my house...Donovan!

If you guys were good sports and actually read all the way to the end...I am sorry for boring you silly!


Crashdummie said...

You have a wicked house Jenny! I loved the asian inspired, well, everything - the red color, the dark, wodden furniture, the paintings… and then the personal touch of the sketch of u guyz, the refrigerator & ur adoreable kido Donovon… the train set! Gosh, can I come over and play?

Fever Dog said...

I want to play with the train set too! Btw, is that the only picture you have of you&Don?

Jenny! said...

Thanks! You can come and play fact...I will pay you!

Fever Dog:
The pictures of Don and I are all mostly before we had a digital camera...and I haven't scanned stuff yet!

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I like the Buddha statues, cool.

I quite like a good mix of styles about the place.
The caricture picture is cool, gives us more of an idea what you're like.

electro-kevin said...

Not boring at all, Jenny.

Jenny! said...

I have a few more pictures I will post later! I like my buddha statues too!


George said...

Nice place sweetie ... I love Asian influence

Palm Springs Savant said...

great post. I'm kind of into some of the Asian art decor at the moment as well. Its a nice zen like feel...

Mighty Dyckerson said...

- Nice train set. How about a close-up of your caboose??

- Most people keep their food items inside the refrigerator, but I like how you dare to be different and stick your food on the front of the door.

- I'd like to see some close-ups of your nook as well.

Jenny! said...

Thank you! It's basically all Asian influence!

Palm Springs Savant:
Zen like feel...definately...I really respect Buddhism and that culture, I've traveled there a lot and just LOVE it!

I seriously don't know what ot say to you...I am laughing my caboose off at the moment! How can you be so fucking funny ALL the time???

Anonymous said...

I read it all and it was a bit dull actually.. but I just wanted to mention that I have two guys...

Scroblene said...


That track layout is fantastic!

How long did you take to set it up, and will my recently acquired Meccano set work if I get the Tram model made?

You girls get all the luck...

Yoda said...

That's a cool house! I would've totally shown you mine, but I'm afraid its just an ordinary grad student dump right now ... Wait for 3 months, and you'll get to see my REAL apt :-D I won't take anything (other than my study desk) to NY and will set up my new place with JUST the things I want.

I would love to see your dogs in your house too!! Make them play with us, please?

Mighty Dyckerson said...

It's a gift, my darling. It's a gift.

Paul Champagne said...

You didn't bore me silly. As for your fridge ... I always get suspicious of people that don't have all kinds of crap magneted to the refrigerator. It makes me think their lives are empty ... I can see your's is full.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...


Jenny! said...

Sorry...I am a bit dull least I wasn't too long winded and dull!

I didn't set it up...Don did...I am functionally retared and couldn't figure it out!

I can't wait to see pictures from dogs are fucking lazy beagles...they don't play much!

It truly is...If I had to live with you, I would be constantly pissing myself and be in diapers!

Full, but organized too! The other side of my fridge is even worse!

Smile back at you...still can't figure out the fucking smiley key combo!

Christie said...

I got sick of Evan's train set on the floor and finally bought him a train table. Guess what, he stopped liking the damn trains right after that. Nice.

Your son is adorable, by the way.

La Cremiere said...

I did not know you like asian-influenced deco, I love that too, my flat is exclusively decorated with items from asia, (buddhas, carvings, paintings).

I think the toys will be a big problem for Alex and I when we have kids, because we are neat, we like everything in its place. skin crawls at thought.

Akelamalu said...

Love your Buddhas, I have quite a few too. Donovan is a real cutie!

snowelf said...

My son is also crazy about trains.
And the garbage truck...he has super sonic ears and he will bolt from the other end of the apt just to watch it!

I love the Buddha art. My apt is slowly collecting Indian inspired art and I'm thinking it's time to bring a Buddha home.


Crushed by Ingsoc said...


I'll have to teach you.

Jenny! said...

Thanks, the train set is only completely set up very rarely...I usually can't leave ANYTHING out and not in it's "home" at night.

La Cremiere:
I have a major OCD issue with cleaning! Everything has a home, and when its not being needs to be in it's home...this train is a very very rare and occasional exception!

Thank you! I would love to see you Buddhas!

I would highly recommend bringing a buddha home...then take pictures!

There are some things that no matter how many times someone explains to me...I will never get! But you can try!

Nocturnal said...

I love that candle setting, very nice Jenny.

Jenny! said...

I am the candle queen! I fricking LOVE candles!

random moments said...

Love your "nook" and seriously cute caricatures!! I love those things. I still have the one of me as a child from Astroworld 23 years ago.

And I have to say, I'm a big fan of refridgerator art - there should be more magnetic places for pics in one's house.

Jenny! said...

Random Moments:
Magnetic walls would be kick ass!