Saturday, July 28, 2007

Photo Request

Fever Dog asked if the caricature in my last post below "is that the only picture you have of you & Don?" Well, to answer your we don't have any digital pictures of us and all the pictures we have are from an old skool camera. So, that got me digging around in all of my old pictures and I tried to take pictures of the pictures to show everyone!

This is Don...aka...Asshole Master...finally you all can put a face to the name!
I am thinking that I want to be blonde again, I haven't been blonde since before my son was's my natural hair color now and I like it...but I miss being blonde! Now Don would all tell you that although I miss being blonde, I still have my blonde moments and I am a true blonde at heart!
Don't know what happened, I can barely use the camera as it is...but I thought it looked kind of bad ass!

This is a picture from Halloween....there are a few others, but I couldn't get them to turn out right! So, in a nut shell, I went to a Catholic High School (hence the skirts) and for Halloween one year we all decided to be slutty school girls...the guys too! We all dressed in the plaid skirts, white button down shirts (barely buttoned), and fishnets! When we were were honking...not at me...but at Don...he has a killer set of legs and with fishnets on...looked better than I did...needless to say, that was the last time I let him wear my skirt!


La Cremiere said...

Oh My!!! That last picture is weird even for me.

You look great as a blonde, mind you, you look great as a brunette as well. I've had my hair highlighted recently, I like it, I was scared to go full blonde and have to suffer the roots!!!

Akelamalu said...

What a lovely couple you make! It's good to change your hair colour now and again - go for it!

snowelf said...

ROFL!! That last pic is priceless!!


captain corky said...

You look good as a blonde Jenny. You never disappoint!

NamesAreHardToPick said...

Um ... wow. Just wow.

James said...

Crikey... You look totally different as a blonde, but then I haven't seen any pics of you as a brunette apart from you blogger pen pic.

I have no idea what's going on in last pic, I'm not sure I want to know.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

You do look very cute, Jenny.
Very cute indeed.

And it's nice to see pictures of you enjoying yourself as well.

Jenny! said...

Just so everyone knows...that last picture is just stagged...not actually happening!

La Cremiere:
I know, it's alot of work to keep up the blonde that's why I haven't done it yet...I like not having mantainence on my hair..besides cuts!

Thank you! I'm still leary of the maintainence!

Glad you liked it...I think its funny, but then again my sense of humor is a bit weird!

Thanks! So, you don't like me as a brunette?

Yeah, it's really just stagged for fun...sorry...didn't mean to shock!

NOthings really going on in the last pic...just funny (to me at least)...thanks!

Thanks, your very sweet! I alwasy enjoy myself!!!

Yoda said...

That skirt on Don makes him look Scottish! Isn't that what the Scots wear?

You two make a lovely couple, here's to wishing you a long life together!

And for sure make more babies, the world needs beautiful people!

Fever Dog said...

I bet now he only wears it when you're not home ;)

George said...

Pretty woman .. .no matter what colour hair. Tied to a bed by a guy in a skirt ... very cute

Nocturnal said...

Catholic School Gurl, no wonder your so cool. You guys always turn out rebellious in the end. :)


Jenny! said...

I am working on the baby thing...and thank you, I hope we do too!

Fever Dog:
I have to tell you, that now I am a bit nervous...Don read your comment and he laughed a bit too hard! I think he might be wearing my bras too...they are never in the right place!

I love how a girl tied to a bed by a man in a skirt is "cute"! I can only begin to imagine what kind of kink you are into!

Sassy Blondie said...

Go Blonde, Jenny! It's my natural hair color, and I believe everyone should be a blonde. I mean, come on...what could be better? ;o)

Jenny! said...

Blonds rock! They are the best!

random moments said...

The last pic is so cute - I can almost hear you cracking up in it! Is there a Pamela & Tommy Lee style video to go along with it? Ha!

*whistle* You look hot in that pic as a blonde! Being a blonde gives you a different attitude I think. I also used to be a blonde, exactly the same color as yours, but I do think brunettes have that "sensual" look.

Flyinfox_SATX said...

Jenny! YOU ARE HAWT!!!!!

Go Blonde...Go Blonde....Go Blonde!!!


Anonymous said...

you look hot as a blonde...

and as a school girl.

Miss Smack said...

Ok, hi! I'm confused. Says life partner Jeanette but you're with Donovan's dad, eh?

Are you in one of those fantastic polygamous thingies and if so, WHERE DO I GET ONE! :)

Jenny! said...

Random Moments:
I was laughing so hard, I am impressed that I didn't pee myself! I really loved being blond, but it's a lot of upkeep! Being a brunette also makes me look tanner...and as a girl who's as white as a ghost...I could use all the help I can get!

Thanks! So if I go blonde what are you going to do for me???

The Birdman:
Thanks, so I don't look hot as a brunette??? I think I left this same response on Corky's comment...are you guys the same person???

Miss Smack:
You are not the 1st to be confused! My life partner is my best best friend since we were 4 years old!

Flyinfox_SATX said...

Jenny - What would like from me?

(I know I just shot myself in the foot but ok, you only live once right?)

Jeanette said...

Shit, I thought I had been taking a picture of the real thing!

Anonymous said...

Well since I haven't been here that much, other than your icon and a close up of your boobs (that I love) that is the best, clearest and only pictures I have seen of you...
so I will amend my comment:

"Jenny, you are really hot"

And PS I PREFER Brunettes =P

Miss Smack said...

Thanks ! You're a champ for clarifying without getting pissy, luv.

Cheers xx

honkeie2 said...

hmmmm only thing missing is another dude behind him in a nuns outfit.