Sunday, July 29, 2007

Dating Made Easy!

My son is seriously the Big Mack Daddy of Flirt! He can pull more chicks than all of you male readers combined...well maybe not as many as Dyckerson...but seriously a close second! Here are Donovan's dating attention Yoda!


You have to flash them a smile, get their attention! Make sure the chicks are watching you, but pretend like you don't notice them!


Sneak in a surprise kiss when they are least expecting it! They won't have enough time to fight you off and after...they will just want more!


Feed them, chicks dig that! It shows that you are a caring, sensitive man!


Swoop in with another kiss...after sharing your snacks and hand feeding them...they won't be able to resist your persistence...and charm!


Play it cool! Act like your the hunky piece of man that you are...and ignore them, looking for your next date!

There you go, you follow those quick and easy steps guys...and you are golden!


Mike M said...

I have no idea how you get these shots of him but you had got very very creative mind!!

He is so cool!! And his style works....because I tried it after reading this post.....and got some!!


Yoda said...

He makes it look all so easy! Just like on those TV commercials ... I have to take a page from his book ;-)

I have a feeling that I'm doing all the other parts right, just not the swooping in for the kiss part. I always feel as though I might have to see the wrong side of the ladies' heels if I do that! Maybe I should brave the odd swipe or two?

-eve- said...

Great pics! He's really got style... I've never seen a more attractive guy his age...;-) I'd definitely fall for him if I were that little! :-)

Mighty Dyckerson said...

The kid definitely has skillz, but he still has much to how to squeeze a boob and make it look like an accident. ("Oops, sorry about that! I was just reaching for a melon.")

Lord Straf-Bollinger said...

So, Jenny - finally made it here to see you and didn't know 1] you were American 2] you had a gorgeous little son like Ruthie does and 3]you had an interesting blog.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

All good advice, Jenny.
I shall remember to feed them in future.

snowelf said...


I've read it aloud to Woobie. ;)


James said...

Damn it all these years and I have been missing out the force feeding step. Next time I'm out on the pull I'll be armed with a bag of crisps.

Christie said...

See, the problem with this is, they forget the moves that make a girl want to put out when they hit puberty (not that we want any of them putting out at that age), and then by the time they can put out without going to jail, they have all but lost the ability to talk to a girl without said girl wanting to beat them up.

That is the most long-winded sentence ever, right.

Fever Dog said...

It's always the younger guys getting all the chicks

Loaf said...

Donovan would make the perfect wingman; can I take him with me on my next night out on the town?

Anonymous said...

Thats surprisingly useful to me... I know. Sad.

captain corky said...
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Airam said...

Awww ... he's so cute!

The Man at the Pub said...

Wow, they sure start youg these days.

Keshi said...

lolz so darn cute!


Steph said...

Would it be wrong to ask for a date?

Put me in his diary for the year 2020. :P

Michael C said...

I could learn so much from your cool little man. Now I'm depressed ;-)

Nocturnal said...

That guy definitely has a future, well done.

DoGGa said...

Hey, he stole my fish shaped biscuit pulling technique :0)

captain corky said...

His technique is flawless! He looks like he should be smoking a cigar in the last picture.

And of course I like you as a brunette too. ;)

Akelamalu said...

Can't start too early!

What a charmer! :)

NamesAreHardToPick said...

Man that last picture was smooth. That kid knows what he's doing right there.

Anonymous said...

hahaha! What a stud! I love it! Does he have a little black book yet?

Jenny! said...

Mike M:
Yeah, glad it works! I like to take pictures that are random and not stagged...they come out pretty good most of the time! There are a LOT of duds though too!

Be brave...the worst that can happen is...she slaps you...but hey, you'll survive! Go for it!

The bad thing is...that he knows he's a stud...he has an ego!

He's pretty good at that too! I kept those pictures to myself...child porn is not ok!

Lord Straf-Bollinger:
Well it's about time! Thanks!

You have to make sure you just keep shoving it in her mouth...then she can't fight you off as well!

Woobie and D should cruise for chicks together in the garbage truck!

That might be a bit to messy, go for something like Goldfish crackers or fruit snacks!

I think it's all the attention that they get when their young...they get a cocky ego, and then don't think they need to do shit to get a little somethin somethin!

Fever Dog:
Don't forget about all the cougars that are pulling young studs!

Sure...I charge by the hour and there is not a money back guarantee that you will get any!

Don't be mad at me if you try it and get socked in the jaw!

Thank you!

Pub Man:
Yeah, well...we don't want him to marry some trailer trash, so he needs to get out there now and find some rich girl so his dad and i can retire!

I know right!

I pencilled you in!

Michael C:
Don't be depressed, you can be taught!

Our parenting style is set on making him be irrisistable so that he can marry some rich girl with a LOT of money! We want to retire early!

What flavor fish do you use...he goes with traditional cheddar!

Fuck...I totally should have given him a cigar...I will have to try that...great idea! And thanks, your too sweet!

He is such a's actually scary at times!

He sure does! He takes after him mom!

I can pencil you in for a date in 15 1/2 years! Does, July 27th 2022 work for you...say, 7pm? He will pick you up!

Sassy Blondie said...

Jenny-Skills indeed! What a charmer! This was a great post (as usual!)

The Diva's Thoughts said...

He's so adorable and has serious skills. LOL

Brian in Oxford said...

Step off the tongue used in steps 1-4. Nice.....

snowelf said...

LOL!! I don't know, I don't really want them picking up any "trashy" womens. ;)



Mike M said...

Jenny, I forgot you name!!!! Come back to my blog and get your award!!

Jenny! said...

Thank you!

The Diva's Thoughts:
He has mad skills baby!

Brian In Oxford:
He likes the ladies to see how big it is!

Ha ha ha! And I don't really want them smelling like trashy woman!

Mike M:
Will do! Thanks!

Charlie said...

Fabulous! He's going to be quite the heartbreaker. Whoops! looks like he is already. loves that he mugs it up for the camera. classic!

Paul Champagne said...

So Jenny ... do these tactics work on you too? I've got some animal crackers ...

Rex Venom said...

Got it. Smile. Kiss. Feed. Kiss. Cool out.
That should be easy. Wow. I was doing it sooooo wrong. Dance badly, get too drunk, slur and stare, finally a quick grope before a slap. Things are gonna be easy now! Cute kid, by the way.
Rock on!

Jenny! said...

He is amazing with a camera...a true ham!

Only if you have chocolate frosting that you can dip on me, I mean on the crackers!

Rex Venom:
Well, your way can work too, but you need to make sure your with a bunch of tarts!

random moments said...

I dig the story-telling along with those pics! Your little cutie is gonna be a lady killa!

Paul Champagne said...

damn ... out of chocolate frosting ... will maple frosting do?

Jenny! said...

Random Moments:
Thanks...he sure will knock em dead!

Well, I guess! You do have whipped cream right??? Cause if not...that's a big no-go!

Miss Smack said...

He's beautiful!

Jenny! said...

Miss Smack:
I don't like to be cocky...but I know...he is beautiful! Thank you!

Jeanette said...

That cracked my ass up! I think I just peed a little

DoGGa said...

Just the standard plain flavour - That's were I'm going wrong; chedder it is from now on :]

Jenny! said...

You are always peeing! You should see your doctor about that! Can't wait till we are old and you loose control of the backside!

Cheese is an aphrodesiac!

honkeie2 said...

I should have had kids when i was single. I cannt count the number of times my little monsters have had hot chicks swooning over them. But whats kool is if they bend over to pinch their cheeks while they are in the stroller I often get a great shot down some soccer moms shirt.