Monday, July 30, 2007

The Award Virgin!

It all started here...and thanks to Crushed By Ingsoc...I have been given my first award...ever! This award is for, "people that were exceptionally adept at creating relationships with other bloggers by making an effort to be part of a conversation, as opposed to a monologue. These bloggers have all worked hard to build a reputation for themselves by commenting on other blogs, participating in blogging communities, replying to comments left on their blog and overall just doing their part to interact with other bloggers."

So, I looked up the definition of schmooze, because, honestly I wasn't sure...I thought perhaps it was similar to a brown noser or an ass kisser, but means to chat idly, gossip, chatter, or chat casually and in a friendly way. Much better than brown noser!

I am truly honored to get this award, well, I would be honored to get any award...even if it was the "Most Abnoxious Blogger Award" or the "The Girl That Doesn't Shut Up Award". I am probably going to do this all wrong...but give me a break...I'm a fricking virgin here!

I am now supposed to give this award out to five other very deserving Schmoozer's! My goal in giving these awards out is to give them to people who are award virgins...I want to pop some cherries here people! I think that there are a ton of you out there that deserve this, and as I was going through my links trying to was hard (like right after a hot lap dance kind of hard)!
So here are my alphabetical order!

1st - Yoda: You are so busy with school, new job and moving, but you still make time to post, comment and reply to all your comments. You are so funny and always manage to make me laugh! You are dedicated to your blog group and I respect don't let it get so big that you can't keep up your close relationships with each person!

2nd - Raffi: You are so deep, and you truly inspire with your "flows", but you are a complete goof sometimes and I love it! I see you all over and you frequent blogs of all different venues. I love how you can go from deep thinking to tits and ass in an instant!

3rd - Christie: We are pretty new to each other, but I loved you instantly! You are great at thinking outside the box in your comments and always have the angle that I have forgotten. I always look forward to your comments and your posts are hilarious! Like my sister from another mister!

4th - Captain Corky: You are amazing at keeping a conversation going in comments, you are a new dad, but still so dedicated to your blog. You check out new blogs and stay true to your old blog buddies too. You are amazingly good at opening up opinion floodgates and being respectful and accepting.

5th - Mighty Dyckerson: You are crude and obnoxious, but I love make a community out of your blog and your readers! We are all sucked in with your hilarious wit and your persistence of you trying to get into every female readers pants! You are a comment king!

*** So, if any of you five aren't virgins...I am going to feel tricked and taken advantage of tomorrow morning!

I also, got a second award today! So I guess not only am I not an Award Virgin anymore, but I have become the Award Whore! This award came from Mike...who thinks that I am an Inspirational Blogger! His reason behind giving me the award is, "Because she is the coolest blogger ever!" Well thanks, that was a great ego boost! I am really not very good at this giving out awards thing, because, like Mike, I find everyone inspiring in one way or another! I can't just pick and choose between you all! You all have a special place in my heart! You are all so different that it's hard to pick a few!


Paul Champagne said...

CONGRATS ... so how does it feel to loose your virginity?

Mike M said...

Congrads!! Now come to my blog and pick up the award I gave to you. I forgot at add your name to the inspirational blogger award. You're on it now. Come get it!

Jenny! said...

I would gladly be de-virginized again!

Mike M:
Thanks...was I like an afterthough!

ADW said...

Not only did you get popped, but twice in one day!! Impressive for a "virgin."

Christie said...

Congrats! Wasn't that much more fulfilling than the first time you had sex? At least it will last longer and won't hurt you.

And thank you for passing along the award! I am so happy! YEAH ME!

BEAST said...


****Beast exits dragging unbroken blogging hymen behind him****

Yoda said...

Jenny, thank you very much! I always knew it deep down inside that one day you would barge in the door and take my cherry away! ;-)

Hammer said...

lol I love it that brown noser has made it from the scatalogical to every day faire.

Congrats on the schmoozie!

Slick said...

Congrats on the award! :)

Heart Of Darkness said...

Congratulations, hun! You so deserve that! :D

Must have been nervwrecking, being deflowered in front of all these gawkers... LOL

RYC: oh, all my shoes stand like that in my room! LOL

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

Said with tonnes of schmooze...

Anonymous said...

...and you make ever more friends along the way Jenny! I said you are one of my favorite bloggers and you are!

Anonymous said...

you had a blogger threesome! And it is almost like porn because it is online and all... :-)

I don't know if I should congradulate you or ask you why you have daddy problems...

haha! congrats

Jenny! said...

I know...I think I could get use to this non-virgin lifestyle!

You are a cool chick and deserve some cred! My 1st time didn't hurt...I was too drunk! Kidding!

Don't make me feel all bad...I will break your hymen in private! Won't that be more fun?

You should see my cherry collection...i can't break that habit of barging in!

Thanks, I thought I was taking a long shot looking up the actual definition!


Heart of Darkness:
Really, they are displayed...that's cool! Thank you...I enjoy public deflowering!

Thanks for giving it to me!

Thank are one of my favorites too! You got me into the whole comment back kind of thing and I love it! Thanks Mutley!

Thanks! It was a bit porn like wasn't it!

Mighty Dyckerson said...

An award? For little old me?? Why, this is so unexpected! I don't know what to say...except WHY THE FUCK AM I NUMBER FIVE??!!!

But that's OK, my sweet. I have a very special "award" for you as well. I'll bring it to you tonight and you can mount it in your bedroom. ;)

Christie said...

Only Dyck would whine about being named #5 when he had just received a very nice award from our sweet Jenny. How immature of him.

OH, and Dyck, haha, I was #3 and you were #5, hahahahahahahahahaha. Sucks to be yoooouuuu.

George said...

Congratulations the formerly virgin Jenny ... from vitgin to group sex in one day ... impressive

Keshi said...

Comgrats Jen babez! :)

And all the others too!


michael5000 said...

Couldn't have happened to a schmoozier virgin. Congrats!

minijonb said...

awards are nice. last year, i picked a minijonb Blogging All-Star team. i didn't do one this year. i'm such a slacker.

Jenny! said...

Don't make me take it back bitch! I do love awards! How big is it? I don't have that much room in my bedroom!

Teasing makes Dyck crabby! And you know what happens when Dycks get crabby...they are likely to shoot off! It sucks to be Dyck!

I am impressive...thank you for noticing!

Thanks dudette! You are totally a schmoozer too! I Heart You!


The years not over yet!

Mighty Dyckerson said...

Christie, this is between me and Jenny, so stay out of it! Unless, of course, you'd like to join us tonight in our boudoir. We have whipped cream!

Diesel said...

THANK YOU for not picking me.

Anonymous said...

can I protest one of your awards?

I say Corky is a brown noser! And his incredible ability to "start conversations" consists of blogging regularly:
"Tell me how much you love me..."


(I hope no one senses the jealousy here, I'm sure I'll be safe)

Anonymous said...

and Jenny! Congrats to YOU!


Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Because you didn't give me an award, I'm going to give myself an award: Most likely to have his blog page come up when "titty bucks" is typed into a search engine.

There. I'm getting an award with or without you.

The inside of me said...

Whew that doesn't sound nearly as bad as ass kisser. But I always say there is nothing wrong with kissing ass you just don't kiss ever ass that comes along. :)

Em said...

Nice one Jenny - a well deserved couple of awards, keep it up lady! :)

Miss Smack said...


random moments said...

What a great tag - congrats!

captain corky said...

Jenny, I'm really touched by this award! You're very easy to talk to, and I really enjoy reading your blog daily. It's one blog that I check multiple times a day. I could see us being friends and hanging out together if I lived near you.

Jenny! said...

Inviting another woman into my bedroom without asking me 1st! It's too bad for you that Christie and I have our own whipped cream supply, so you can't tempt us with that! But...If you added some of your bottled wonder...then maybe!

You are welcome!

The Birdman:
You are welcome to contest anything you like here...but that doesn't mean I will change it! Stop being a jealous horndog! He he! And...thank you!

Dr. Noisewater:
I can't even compete for the "Titty Bucks" Award...congratulations!

Inside of Me:
Good tip...I would have to add stinky ass to the no-no list too!

Thank you! I will try!

Miss Smack:

Random Moments:
Thanks dudette!

We would totally hang! You are a cool dude and I love your blog! My babysitting services are at your disposal if you ever come ot Chicago! You should watch out for Birdman...I think he's a tad jealous!

The Diva's Thoughts said...

Congrats woman!! That's fantastic!

NamesAreHardToPick said...

So you went from virgin to whore in that short of a time? That's awesome. Your blog gives me such great inspiration!

Crashdummie said...

CONGRATS! You totally deserv the awards.

But hey, you gotto chose for the second inspirational award - the tradition must live.. hehehe

Jenny! said...

Diva's Thoughts:
Thank you! I think soo too!

It happens only takes a second!

Thank you! I don't want to pick!

Fever Dog said...

Inspirational huh? That's almost as funny as virgin ;)

zen wizard said...

I think schmooze originally meant a sort of pillow talk, but now it means a kind of sleazy, touchy-feely, pseudo-intimate socializing.

Any Hollywood person who says, "He's a close personal friend, and I mean that sincerely," for instance, is a schmoozer.

Any woman who has ever air-kissed another woman on both cheeks--and in Beverly Hills, I have seen men do it--is presumptively a schmoozer, until proven otherwise.

Akelamalu said...

Congratulations Jenny on losing your cherry - TWICE!

(Drat Mike I was gonna pass the award on to Jenny!)

zen wizard said...

(Okay well I looked it up, and etymologically schmooze derives from a Hebrew word for "rumor." So I was not too far off...)

Anonymous said...

we could probably link all of your postings to porn somehow. it is like the 6 degrees of seperation... or whatever the hell that game is called...

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

You can't thank me for something I haven't done...

RAFFI said...

congratulations jenny! i'm so honored that you popped my cherry despite the intractable bleeding... all i can say is you're soooo big. well, what to do from here, i don't know? do i have to do some rain dance, or a lap dance for that matter? thanks again, you keep me laughin every time i visit your blog ;)

Anonymous said...

I can work on the jealousy, but you have to stop posting such sexy pictures if you expect me to have any control over the horn dog stuff

honkeie2 said...

The only time I might get a 'brown nose' is during a rushed 69 with the little woman. Push the face a little to face back and you might be on the recieving end of a brown nose lol