Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Disturbed Rocks!

I can't find it!

I am so frustrated!

I wanted to find my new favorite song to play for you guys, but You Tube sucks my ass and licks my balls so I can't find it! But anyway, I will just tell you (which I know is a lot more exciting). It's a song (don't know the name) by Disturbed that I can't stop listening too. I get really addicted to one song and listen over and over again! I know I am a bit behind the times, but Disturbed rocks!

Don is really good at finding artists and being really eclectic with music, but I am a stubborn bitch and will sometimes, flat out refuse to listen to his choice because I would prefer to listen to the Wicked soundtrack when we are in the car together! I like to listen to music that I can sing along with...and I know the way to get to know the lyrics is by listening...but sometimes I am not a good listener! I just want to sing! So last night, we were driving and I got to listen to three songs from Wicked and then Don got to listen to three songs from his mixed CD...and Disturbed came on...and I LOVED it! My sister has been a long time fan, and has asked me to go to repeated Disturbed concerts with her, and I turn her down...because, I don't know...I am an old bitty! But now...I really really really want to go! I made Don replay the song over and over...which he didn't mind since he can sing along too then!

Oh, and the lead singer of Disturbed...is fucking hot! That thing in his chin...cool as hell! The others could use a makeover!


Heart Of Darkness said...

Okay... did I miss the title of the song...? :0

Hell yeah, Distrubed rocks! Damn, Jenny, ya didn't know that yet????

Jenny! said...

I don't know the name, that's why I couldnt find it! I know, I am so slow!

captain corky said...

So that's what happened to Lance Bass.

Mike M said...

Wait....wait!!! You have balls???????

Jenny! said...

Lance is way too talented!

Mike M:
Sorry to keep you in the dark Mike!

snowelf said...

I agree! Disturbed rocks!! The Game is my favorite song of all times by them. I usually listen to them when I am really freakin' angry. I like there older stuff a little better than their new stuff, but they still freakin' rock.

And hell yea, I want to take the bald guy home and do dirty things to him. Want to join me? ;)


Mike M said...

Jenny, all this time I thought I was just feeling small oranges in your paints! But know I know!!!!

I was wondering why your oranges had hair on them!

I'm so embarrassed.

Yoda said...

That's quite a recommendation! I will have to check them out, and as yet my balls are in the dark about Disturbed ;-)

These days I'm listening to a lot of Coldplay, and I have to explain myself to anyone who manages to listen in that I'm not GAY!!!

random moments said...

Ohmygod I fucking LOVE Disturbed. And I get some weird looks when I rock out to their music... its such bad boy music. Meow.

Oh, and its great work out music too.

By the way, I almost fell out my chair when you said "lick my balls"!!!

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

No. None of them my type.


Christie said...

I have no idea what song you are talking about, but I love Down With the Sickness. Great stuck in traffic song! I'm more of a 311 girl, and I am so awesome, I already bought tickets for us to go. Woo-hoo!

Brian in Oxford said...

now that's a kick-ass band....although they do kinda look like dopes in that picture!

Jenny! said...

Fuck yeah!

Mike M:
Oranges...baby my balls are like melons more like! You must have been feeling up Snow's balls!

You are SO gay!

Random Moments:
Make sure you wear your seat belt next time I talk about my balls!

Good, now I can have them to myself!

311 fucking rules, but only their old stuff! They do a fucking awesome concert!

Brian In Oxford:
Dopes??? What...not the lead singer...he's HOT!

Loaf said...

Perhaps they've not made it that big over here yet, but I've never heard of them. Or perhaps I'm just out of touch with what the cool kids listen to these days....

Going to track them down and have a listen anyhow!

Anonymous said...

I freaking love Disturbed! They are awesome!! Random is right... it is fantastic work out music! And great break up music too... gets out those agressions and pent up rage.

Not that I have any... :-)

honkeie2 said...

I have seen them twice in concert...totally bad ass whhhoooop whhoooppp

snowelf said...

lol Jenny!
I doubt it...mine cause frost bite. ;)


Don said...

Actually SnowElf's favorite is the one on that disc. The song is, The Game

Don said...

My brother got a full autographed picture from them, his friend's older went out with one of the guys and is still friends with the band. Cool shit.

Dark Pixie said...

i love disturbed...and yeah...the lead singer is totally fucking hot...awesome music and eye candy...go figure!

now, i gotta find that fucking song!!!