Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I Suck At Games

Does everyone know the game Asshole?

Not the card game, but the one where you make a circle with your fingers (like the picture above) and try to get the other person to look at it...and then if they look, you can punch them! The trick to the game is that you need to be slick and sneaky...neither of which I am very good at! Knowing that I always loose at this game...I still start it! I am a glutton for being punched I guess, that or retarded...either one!

So, Don (the self professed ninja) is super fucking good at this game...he like, pummels my ass in this game! I can usually get two or three punches in before he gets all warmed up for me! He gets me so good sometimes that I will literally gasp at my error of looking...and then...wait to be punched.

So last night, I decided that it would be a good idea to play asshole with him...of course I don't ask if he wants to play, so he always falls for the first one...yeah me...I get to punch him! Then from there it is all downhill, I end up with sore arms and legs...he even tried to punch the bottom of my that is just not nice! And once you start the game, it's almost impossible to stop. I try and try and try to get him, but seriously he is like the Asshole Master..doesn't fall for my tricks! But I fall for all of his...I think I got punched maybe like 40 times before we ended the game!

I hate losing...I will try again tonight!


James said...

Ha ha that's funny I've never heard of that game before.

Go get him tonight... "Jenny, Jenny, Jenny"

MyUtopia said...

I hadn't heard about it until I saw it on tv one day

Sassy Blondie said...

Sounds like an S&M relationship to me, Jenny! LOL And I HATE that game...the guys in college would always do that to each other. LOL And tell Don to stop punching you, or I'm turning him in! ;o)

random moments said...

*snicker* Shouldn't you guys be punching each other in the butt region since the game is call Asshole?

Hilarious posed photos!

Jenny! said...

You should be my motivational coach!

I didn't know TV had fingers!

I like it...and I start the game...I just can't get teh winning strategy down! I will let him know!

Random Moments:
I don't like to get punched in teh hand is better on ass!

blog Portland said...

I knew you were a deviant, but this masochistic side of you is very intriguing.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

My mate has a game like that.
It's called coming into my room on a Sunday morning and throwing cushions, books, random crap at me till I wake up and cuss him.
Why I late him stay so often is anyones guess.

ADW said...

OMG - I absolutely remember that game. You are supposed to do it while under the influence of something fun, but the best is to wait until you have to be the designated driver. If you don't get to drink, then at least you can punch your friends.

All of my guy friends were too pussy to hit me, so I made out well.

One punch for you, no punches for me.
One punch for you, no punches for me.
One punch for you, no punches for me.
One punch for you, no punches for me.

See - FUN!!!!

jungle jane said...

My god that game sucks!

Do you play 'Paper, Rock, Scissors' Jenny?? most domestic disputes can be settled that way. Of course there is no punching involved, but us British people are generally too polite to draw blood.

Yoda said...

I'm a sucker at games too! I'm sure I'll get socked regularly, so I dare not introduce this game to my friends!! J/K. Will play this tonight!

We play an ancient chinese game these days. There are two people with their fists closed and facing each other so that their thumbs are facing up. Then a person will call a number from 0-4 and simultaneously, the combatants will raise any number of thumbs. If the number of thumbs raised is equal to the number called, the guy who called the number gets to sucker punch the other guy!

I so lose at this and get bitchslapped!

Paul Champagne said...

You're going to try again tonight?

You're a glutton for punishment sweetie.

Christie said...

My husband plays some stupid game with his buddies where they lick their pointer and middle fingers and then smack someone with it. I don't know the real point of this game, but I know they walk away with HUGE red marks all over their arms. Idiots. All of them are idiots.

Nocturnal said...

My neighbours down the row play that game, 25ish firefighters - that came can definitely get out of control. Go get 'em next time little lady.

Hammer said...

Down here they call it corn. Maybe they used to corn hole you if you looks at it.

There were lots of black and blue arms back in the day.

Mighty Dyckerson said...

I wouldn't mind pummeling your ass, my sweet.

minijonb said...

i like games that suck. doesn't mean i'm any good at them, but the suckier the better.

excuse me, i must now go play with myself...


Jenny! said...

Blog Portland:
So I hear you have a masochistic side too???

Obviously you want him to throw things at you! Do you ever throw things back??? Like a hammer or axe?

That is fun! I play this game completly sober...I like to feel the hits when they happen, not feel them the next day and wonder what its from!

Jungle Jane:
I just like ot play for fun, not like a domestic dispute or anthing...i do love a good game or RPS too!

That seems like fun...I will have to give that one a try... I do like being bitchslapped!

No, I just can't stand losing!

Agreed....welts are never the ending of fun...but idiots like welts right!

Yes, it can get out of control least they know how ot use their hoses if it gets too crazy!

I like calling it corn better! Ha ha!

I think I might be able to pummel your ass in this game...I have skillz! Well, maybe not...but i am determined! I am up for the challenge!

captain corky said...

I've played a card game called asshole and I've been called asshole many times by my father and wife... but I've never played that version. Pretty soon people are going to start asking you if everything is alright at home. ;)

Ashley said...

Do you need therapy for this relationship??? Or, is that how you release your pent up aggression?

Steph said...

Your downfall is you're not using your one shot wisely.
Me, i'd go for the nuts and then say "Try and punch me now motherfucker" while he's rolling on the ground crying like a girl!

Keshi said...

LOL Jenny!


DoGGa said...

Ah yes, we play a very similar game round here, but use the middle finger salutation instead, normally accompanied by the phrase "is this yours?" and then when you look round they are flipping you the bird :]

DoGGa said...

Ooh, here's my best tip for you then - Pick something up, a bag of crisps, an item of clothing, a magazine or whatever and make the symbol with the hand holding the object, and use the 'is this yours' line and when they look at the object BANG, ya got 'em!!! :[]

Miss Smack said...

I love the pictures of your boy!

NamesAreHardToPick said...

Sounds like this is a guy's excuse to hit a girl without being looked down upon.

Crashdummie said...

Never heard of the game... let the game begin!

And you know what they say, the bigger they are the harder they... punch.


Akelamalu said...

I've never heard of the game but I may try it, without telling himself of the rules of course. :)

Jenny! said...

You should try this version of asshole, since it seems you have the others down cold! Everything's great at home...better when we play!

The only therapy I require is a good fixes everything!

I knew I could increase my game with your help! I will try that, but I am pretty sure instead of sore arms, I will end up with a black eye!

You should try it sometime!

That's a fun game too...and I have tried the picking up objects thing while making the doesn't work...but maybe if I added the "Is this yours?" line...then I could get some leverage!

Miss Smack:
I do too!

Well, sometimes bitches just need to be hit! Not me, of course, but you know!!!

Ha ha ha! True...he has a very solid punch...even when not really putting force behind!

Great idea...that's a sure way to win!

-Papa said...

I'm VERY familiar with that game, and there's a twist to the way my friends and I play it. First of all, the circle can't be above your waist height cause it's just too easy to just flash the circle at someone face level. Second, if someone is making the circle and you can stab a finger into it, then you've won and get to punch the person making the circle.

honkeie2 said...

The Asshole Master, wow, that is something I would love to have on a trophy. But punching is to rough, maybe a pinch or a spank. Hell why not a 'stinky pinkie' hahahaa

Fever Dog said...

I don't get how it works -- but no surprise that you like being punched!

Jenny! said...

I LOVE that addition...maybe I can get a few more hits in!

Don't be a pussy...punching is the rules!

Fever Dog:
Next time you come to Chicago, we will play!

Fever Dog said...

Next time? I've never been once yet!

SMARTBuddy said...

Ha! Cool game, i will play this weekend and not explain it first- that should cause some confusion!

Helen said...

In college the guys used to play this game where they would throw out a random fact about Thailand's capital city, then be like "What capital is that?" or "Do you know what the 22nd most populated city in the world is?" Then they'd hit the other guy in the dick and yell "Bangkok!"

Ye Gods, how do they reproduce?