Sunday, July 22, 2007

Nice Ass!

I love wine, it's my libation of choice! I am definitely not a connoisseur of wines by any means. I occasionally pick out a bottle of wine just by the coolness factor of the label! I found this one and loved it..and the wine was decent too...bonus boner!


Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I don't drink much wine, myself.
It's intersting that wine labels here are NEVER cool.
It's mainly because there isn't a market of young,trendy wine drinkers- wine is very snobby here, people who drink it go on and on about which vineyard, which vintage, etc.

You market a wine here as Chablis, or Bourdeaux or whatever.

Nocturnal said...

I couldn't agree more, I'm all about the labels -- case in point the Marilyn Monroe series. :) As for knowing various wine flavours... I'll stick to beer.

Anonymous said...

You can buy wine from the German supermarket chain Aldi in a tetrapac,labeled as "produce of more than one European country" - the connoisseurs choice!!

Mighty Dyckerson said...

Does the bottle have a screw-on cap? That's the measure of true greatness.

Yoda said...

2005 was a very good year :-p


I thought you'd go for the bottle of wine with the Peni on them, no?

snowelf said...

I'm with you, Jenny! Wine is my drink of choice, too. I have no clue about it either, but my uncle does. He makes sure to spoil me with mini-wine tastings of the "good stuff" on holidays. :)


Loaf said...

Can't turn down a good bottle of red myself, and the only trick I learnt for picking a good one is to see how deep the dimple in the bottom of the bottle is.

Still, I'm sure cool label is a good measure as well :)

RAFFI said...

wine in a box is usually the coolest.

SMARTBuddy said...

Yeah i agree- its cool to get a nice label in!. Wine all tastes the same after a glass, im sure of it.

Jeannie said...

My husband makes wine. Some batches suck big ones and I refuse to drink them. He has poured many gallons down the drain. Even though other people said they were fine. There are wine snobs who refuse to drink homemade swill. Yet ours is usually aged 2 years before it's bottled (unlike 3 month old "professional" stuff), is dry, very smooth and full-bodied. If they don't know it's homemade, many like it better than the stuff from the store. It's funny how people are. I say, if you like it, drink it.

Airam said...

I just bought a bottle of wine because of the way the bottle was shaped. Goes to show how much I know about wine as well! I'll be cracking it open soon so we shall see what the verdict is.

Sassy Blondie said...

Ooh Jenny, I love wine too! Currently, I'm trying Spanish wines and highly recommend the same.

I think that label may make it a big seller, no?

Ashley said...

I love wine, but prefer the white, especially Reisling.

I cannot believe you broke the no blogging on the weekend rule!

Hammer said...

I've had terrible luck with labels.

Except twin fin, they make ood stuff and they sell it at target.

George said...

Hey girl ... Wine is about the only alcoholic beverage I drink and I prefer whites. About 18 months ago I picked a bottle that I had heard/read about (actually I forget where I heard it mentioned) and it was fantastic ... it is French and it was a red shiraz and the name is Fat Bastard ... try it and you'll enjoy

Dan Mega said...

I drank half a case with a buddy last night, went out to a few bars, got even more drunk, capped off the night by killing a bottle of Pinot. I'm awesome.

Dan Mega said...

Oh and you should write a post of what you think it would be like if you and I had a passionate knee buckling earth shattering makeout session.

NamesAreHardToPick said...

As stupid as I am when it comes to alcohol, sounds to be like you know how to make the wisest choices.

Keshi said...

Jenny I like wine...

btw I like ur Temptress pic better!


Crashdummie said...

Never judge a bottle of wine by its cover?

errr or something like that?

captain corky said...

I had a couple of glasses of red wine with my spaghetti and meatballs Saturday night. It really hit the spot!

ADW said...

I just got blessed recently - my neighbor (who is a close friend) started working for a very large "beverage" company that owns vineyards all over the world. I am hoping to get invited to a whole passel of wine tastings.

Gardener Greg said...

I used to by beer for the same reason. I like a fancy bottle.

Anonymous said...

I lived in Europe for a while - in German and France you can buy wine for a quid a bottle from the vineyards - often very good!

Jenny! said...

Crushed by Ingsoc:
I am not a snobby wine drinker (not too trendy either), and have no fucking clue about vineyard and date and all...don't really care either...if it tastes!

I do not like beer at all!

I wonder if Aldi's is the same thing here as it is there???

No, but I can suck the cork out wiht my mouth!

Never saw one with peni on it...but if I did...I would totally buy a case!

How fun! The best dessert wine is port eaten wiht dark chocolate! Yum!

So the deeper the dimple the better the wine???

Wine in the box rocks!

I would disagree with you and say it all tastes teh same after half a bottle!

Thats awsome! And I agree that you should drink what you like! Don't yuck someone else's yum!

I love cool bottles too, or if they are a very neat color!

I don't know if I have had any Spanish wines, but I am sure they would be fantastic...I will have to try!

I know it's crazy addictive and I couldn't stop myself! I LOVE Reisling too, but the reds are good on cool nights...gets my face all hot!

I love Target...will have to try that one!

I will def. look for Fat Bastard...that is one that I would pick up just b/c of the name! Thanks for the recommendation!

Dan Mega:
Yes, you are awesome...I bet your liver doesn't think so! I can't imagine drinking beer and then wine! I will start working on a post for you about our " passionate knee buckling earth shattering makeout session." I don't know if the other bloggers could handle the hotness though!

I guess! I am usually not disappointed with my choices, but I am easy to please with alcohol!

That is my favorite picture too!

I know I shouldn't but it's hard not too!

Oh, I LOVE meatballs!

You better get invited to wine tastings...otherwise that neigbor is going ot end up with flaming bags of shit on their porch!

Beer is the fanciest you can get!

No vineyards around me...only corn in the midwest...I am jealous, that would be fantastic!

Brian in Oxford said...

T & A there's a brand we could all support.

Loaf said...

Yep, deeper the dimple, better the wine; good excuse to stand in the shop fingering bottles of wine :)

Jenny! said...

T & A anything sells! What about T&A Poison ivy plants...I bet taht shit would go!

Should i bring lube?

alexgirl said...

I'm not a connoisseur either, but I love that label. I do the same thing: pick wine because of the label. I'll keep an eye peeled for this one.
Nice blog, lady!

Michael C said...

I too am a label whore. Ok, I'm not saying YOU are a label whore, I'm just saying I am and it appears you are swayed by labels too. I'll buy ANYTHING if it has a label I like...ANYTHING...

-Papa said...

Wine is good, but MD 20/20 is better. ;)

Jenny! said...

Thanks for stopping by! Cool labels rock!

Michael C:
It's ok to call it like you see it...I am a label whore!

What is MD 20/20??? Sounds a bit dangerous!

Superstar said...

I used to only drink Merlot...then I found out about the Cabs...OH some of them with the right food!

Nice Azz BTW!!!

Michael C said...

Then welcome to label whoredom!!! Our first step is admitting it, right??

Christie said...

I am not a huge wine drinker, but I love the quirky labels they put on some of the bottles. We have a lot of great vineyards here in Oregon that have some really funny labels.

Jenny! said...

I don't discriminate against any wine!

Michael C:
Whats step #2???

Thats fun thatyou have vineyards so close with great labels!

Akelamalu said...

Back off holiday and desperately trying to catch up with everyone's news. I'm not a connoisseur of wine - if it doesn't make me screw my eyes up and suck in my cheeks I'll drink it!

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I used to work in a hotel years ago and the customers would often ask which wine I recommended.
I just used to recoomend what we had most of in the cellars, but most of them said I'd made a good choice. Always got tipped well.

RevRee said...

Jenny dear, I was pretty disappointed with the movie Smokin' Aces...but I must say...Ryan Reynolds MM MM MMMM, sweet lord have mercy on me!

Now, if you want to see a good movie, watch Black Snake Moan. Amazing movie, in my humble, sweet opinion! ;-)

Jenny! said...

Welcome back! I hope you had a lovely time!

I bet you did get some good tips...its your eyes!

That is on my list! Oh, Ryan want to try and figt me for him???

MyUtopia said...

You are not alone, I too always have crazy homeless people coming to talk to me.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I used to make a killing. About £30 in tips on an average night. That makes a difference on £3.20 an hour.

You have to put on quite an act, flirting with all the middle aged women and being pally-pally with the husbands, but it was good money for an eighteen year old.

Jenny! said...

It must be our scent that attracts them!

Fiance use to do that and made shit loads of! But you have to be charming...which you are!

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I used to get my arse pinched a lot.

You also get a fair amount of abuse.

But on the whole I did enjoy it.

Jenny! said...

You get abuse everywhere...but being pinched on the butt by old broads...kind of kinky!

honkeie2 said...

Yeah that is all I need, booze and porn on my booze.
Like I need anything else to help enduce a hard on that wont go down no matter what I do.