Friday, August 10, 2007

Birthday Suit Time!

Every time it's some one's birthday...I always say something about their birthday's cheesy and lame...but that's just me! So, now it's my birthday suit day!

I am feeling a bit old...I found a gray hair a week or so ago...and pretty soon my tits will be touching my toes! My girls (Jeanette, Ashley and Sarah) took me out for birthday dinner last night to Lalo's, my favorite Mexican restaurant of all time! They make damn good margaritas...and we had plenty! I think that the table next to us got a bit sick of hearing the words, cum, blow job, cock and fuck! And I don't think the old guy in the stripped shirt appreciated us girls trying to convince (insert name) to fuck him! Below is proof that maybe we shouldn't have drank, however much we drank...I don't much remember! It was so much fun! I love my girls!

I love the backseat! Ashley and I took a few more pictures in the backseat (I am sure J-Dawg wanted to kill us)...but I think I will leave those we don't really remember if it was cleavage or ass crack that the pictures are of!

I also got the most kick ass present of all from my iPod! It is the ONLY thing that I wanted...and I didn't expect it at all! It's so cute! Don stayed up last night and charged it, loaded it with plenty-o-songs so that it would be ready for me this morning for work! I love all the songs that Don added, but there are a few that I know he put on for himself...because he thinks he will be able to borrow it...little does he know that those little headphones will not be removed from my ears! By the way...are you ears supposed to hurt or am I pushing them in too far? So, I put my iPod on and my walk to the train was so much better, my train ride was better, and my walk to work was better! The only problem I encountered was with my self-control. I stepped onto the train, and of course a song that I LOVE to sing along with comes was really hard to not sing out loud! So thanks girlie's...I love you!

Tonight, is BAMF's book club meeting...and I expect a cake Sarah!


Hammer said...

Happy B day!

Looks like you had a good time :)

Christie said...

Happy Birthday, Bitch! I'll make monkey cakes for my kids in celebration.

James said...


James said...

Oh you could play a crack or clevage? game with those pics. Post em up and we shall vote.

Brian in Oxford said...

happy birthday Jenny!

Now, as long as the gray hair isn't coming out your toe-touching tits, 'cause that would be nasty.

No strawberry shortcake for your birthday, though, right? :)

That tongue seems kinda small.

captain corky said...

Great pics. I wanna bang all three of you... I mean it looks like you guys had a lot of fun last night.

Happy birthday Jenny!!!

Anonymous said...


You have some kick ass friends hun! I LOVE my IPOD!

your ears should not hurt. They go just in the outer part of your ear. I hate those little buggers though. traded them in for a different pair. LOL I find myself walking to the beat of the song that is playing when I use it! LOL... I imagine myself in a kick ass music video. Just so you know, I am such a hot video ho!

NamesAreHardToPick said...

Jenny you're neither cheesy nor lame. And yeah, the earphones took like a a week to get used to. But they're better than the ear plug phones they got, those suck horribly.

Happy birthday!

-Papa said...

Happy Belated Birthday!
Where did you find the gray hair? It must have been somewhere where the sun doesn't normally shine, like in your a....armpit? :P

Stan! said...

Happy birthday,J.
Hey, I keep finding gray hairs too and I'm not talking about the crown of my head.Consider yourself damned lucky that I hadn’t been at the next table in the Mexican restaurant. Otherwise, the population of Chicago would have been in line for some expansion about 9 months from now. You know you can dirty talk me anytime....and I won't even charge you for it.
Tell the Book Club Ladies that I'm thinking of them...
Your Stan

George said...

Happy, happy birthday girl. Probably only another year or 2 before the tits hit the floor and the dentures arrive ... maybe Don would like a gummy BJ

The pod phones hurt my ears as well so I went nd bought a pair of Shure e2c earphones ... no pain and the sound is 100% better

EmRocks said...

Hey jenny!! Happy birthday!!!

Yoda said...

Hey Jenny! Happy b'day!!! I'm sure you had a blast y'day and will have yet another tonite (special nocturnal activities with Don?)

Your girls are kickass! Now, that you have an iPod, I would like to declare that EVERYONE in America has one! Seriously, I was at Chipotle today, and the beggar outside had the telltale white earbuds! Gosh!

BTW, those are your ears, not your vagina! The 5-in rule doesn't apply here ;-)

Akelamalu said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNY AND MANY HAPPY RETURNS! It's probably all over now what with the time difference and all, but the thought's there!

If you can't have a few to drink on your birthday when can you?

Grey hair - bah, get some dye honey!

Nocturnal said...

Happy Birthday young lady and keep the good times rolling this weekend.


honkeie2 said...

Happy Birthday! Dont worry about grey hairs. There might be snow on the mountain but I bet there is still a fire in the valley! lol
And do you have the problem with sticking things in too far often? If so I can help hahahahahha

fatwonkkid said...

You were talking about your breasts, then you started talking about the girls. OK, cool she named her boobs....but then there were three names. Hmm...three boobs, that's pretty cool...oh wait, those are her human friends.

The earbuds that come with any MP3 player are generally complete garbage. They cost all of $0.35 to manufacture. And yes they will hurt, because they are crappy.

If you really like music get some decent earbuds. The bass response will be so much better, and it won't sound tinny (no, that isn't supposed to be tiny). My earbuds have adjustable rubber tips on them for people with different sized ears.

electro-kevin said...

Happy Birthday, Jenny.

Fever Dog said...

Just give in and sing in public -- it will keep the crazies away

Jenny! said...

Thank you to everyone for my Happy Birthdays...I don't want to type "Thank you" a million times!

We always have a good time together!

Man, you kids get to reap the rewards of my day!

Was that in a high pitched girly voice? I will have to post them and let the game begin!

Brian In Oxford:
Your right, that would be nasty! And i have a bit tongue...but its all the angle...and the drunkness! The strawberry shortcake would be preferable over the alabama hot pocket!

We did have fun...and we would bang you right back...there's a forth that is behind the camera...can you accept one more!

My friends do kick ass! I think i need to get someother ones, thats just too much pain! So your the crazy girl i see humping garbage cans in the street!

If you dont think I am cheesy and lame, that just means that you are cheesy and lame too! Kidding! I will have to break those damn ear phones in!

Your right on time...not belated! If I found a hair long enough in my armpit to examine the color...that means I have stepped into the Julia Roberts hippie phase and in that case, I should be shot!

I will let the club know...that you want to knock us up!

I just cannot wait for the day my tits touch the floor, and Don can barely contain himself waiting for gummy blows!

Where's my present??? Your my sister for fuck's sake!

The Apple store can officially shut down now that I have my iPod...they were waiting for me!

I am not even sure it's gray...but i kind of like the Cruela Deville I am hopping only half of my head goes gray!

Birthday or not...things are alwasy rollin!

The farther the better!

My breast are named Ophelia and I can't remember the other one's name! The ear piece is really hard and hurts, so the rubber thing you are talking about sounds heavenly!

Where's my present bitch?

Fever Dog:
I know that one day I will just bust on in full on song...but I think that may attract the crazies!

Jeanette said...

I had a blast last night, sober and all. I'm glad you like your pressy.

Ashley said...

We were being asses, but no one's ass was photographed. I had so much fun. Happy birthday! Cannot wait until tonight!

Ashley said...

You can guess cleavage or ass at

Sarah said...

YEAH, Im glad you like your present! Crazy that you got a gold ipod and they dont even make those!

Nick said...

Don't worry about your tits hitting your ankles, I like wobbly old jibblies.

Also smelly food can be just fucking perfect.

Jenny! said...

I LOVE my pressy!

I don't draw many lines, but pictures of whack!

The gold iPod means its that much more special!

Wobbly old jibblies."??? Do your tits hang low do they wobble to and fro, can yo tie them in a not, can you tie them in a bow, can you swing them over your shoulders....I dont know how the rest of the song goes!

snowelf said...

Happy Birthday woman!!

Hear you rawr (or say cock, fuck, and cum), my lioness friend!! ;)
I'm so happy you got an iPod!! Doesn't it rock so much?!!
I love mine! My earphones don't fit in my ears either, cause my ears are too little, so I'm just going to get some smaller ones.


Nick said...

I just came back to look at the photo again.

obvioulsy the morning is starting off slow.

Anonymous said...

garbage cans, men's legs, fire hydrants, lamp posts...

anything pretty much.