Friday, August 10, 2007

Birthday Update!

My birthday so far...

* I have done NO, zero, nilch...NONE! But I am being paid to be here...SWEET!

* I went to Subway to get lunch...walked in and it smelled like a bums asshole! Totally disgusting! I walked up to the counter and told the nice man, "It smells like piss in here...that is really unappetizing!" His response, "That was the fucking homeless man that tries to get free bread. Here you have free sandwich...okay!" Me, "Fine, but I am NOT eating it here!"

* I found out that there is going to be some more movie filming taking place IN my building! How cool is that! They told us that the movie is "Rory's Last Kiss" and it's a disguise title to keep gawkers to a minimum. I thought the title sounded a bit amature pornish, but thanks to Don's research skills...I found out that it's the disguise title of the new Batman movie, "The Dark Knight"! I fucking love working downtown...especially when Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Heath Ledger, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Gary Oldman, and Morgan Freeman might be in my building's lobby filming!


Stan! said...

*Sweethang, I haven't done a days work for months. One of the many benefits of house's the electronic tagging I object to.'cramps my style.
As for Subway, I avoid it like the plague.Come to think of you could probably be infected with the plague in some of their outlets. Does your Subway sell wieners?

Yoda said...

Hey! Do you know where they might be filming? If yes, maybe you could keep something (or do something unique) around that place ... that will be your easter egg ... If that does show up in the real movie, can you imagine how cool it will be?

Jenny! said...

No, sadly I can't get any wieners from Subway...only ON the subway!

They are filming in the lobby of my building! I need ideas...because besides flashing...I am coming up short!

Brian in Oxford said...

No working on your birthday! You gotta be crazy to even go in!

Sassy Blondie said...

Happy Birthday, Jenny!

And grab Christian's ass for really is nice...I know this for a fact.

Jeanette said...

Happy Birthday!!! I won't stop til I get you in your birthday suit!

I'm so visiting you when they're filming. Angelina Jolie (I know not nearly as exciting) was filming in Berwyn late last night and she's supposed to be back later tonight. I say we go and throw things at her.

fatwonkkid said...

i would totally try to get on camera!

Bugwit said...

Hmmm...smells like piss and they're giving away free sandwiches? Ever seen Vacation?

Yeah, I'm thinking free is too expensive.

Dan said...

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear Jenny!
Happy Birthday to you!

I was totally on key, wasn't I? I was, right? OK, so maybe a bit off, but it was pretty good, right?

Ashley said...

Do you know which days? We could come have lunch with you.

Sarah said...

come I come to work with????

Paul Champagne said...

Happy Birthday

They should let you do a walk on in the movie as a present. Maybe you could be Batman's love interest.

-Papa said...

You've got to be an extra in that flick, talk about a way cool birthday present!

Stan! said...

So you like the ! You inspire me, you know. Kiss the (semi)single life good-bye, let's get hitched in Vegas. Don can be Best Man. We can bring along Dyck and Mutley to witness our nuptial passion...

Stan! said...

I have been inspired by Crushed's latest post on Keats to compose a poem to someone who means a lot to me...

Ode To Jenny

I love your deep, deep
They’re quite a pair,
Babe, the way you stare,
I like your silky hair,
When will I see you bare?

Hun, you’re quite a sight,
But for this blog, I’d never have seen the light,

So, let me be the flower bed of your love,
Water it with praise,
Or there will be nothing to raise, (heh, heh)
And remember....
In sickness and in health, Dyck will stalk us with stealth.

Do you like it? What does Don think?

Anonymous said...

I am glad you have had a good bidet babes! I am afraid that was my dad in the Subway...he is actually an eccentric millionaire...

I am in a movie called "Mona Lisa" as I refused to move unless they filmed me in a shot... true story. I amon screen for a quilli second..

blog Portland said...

No need to remind me of your Batman fetish. And please stop sending me those pictures.

Dyck!! said...

Happy birthday, my darling! I wish I could be there by your side and help celebrate the day you escaped from your mother's twat!

BTW, this Stan guy is giving me the creeps. Give me a call if you need me to walk you to your house...and into your bedroom...

Dan Mega said...

Happy Birthday! You can treat me to drinks at the Beef N Brandy to celebrate!

Stan! said...

Dyck's got two!! anymore. 'wish I'd thought of that! It's thanks to guys like Dyck, of course, that women now have to wear underwear when they don't want to.
Dyck, you're a true gent despite the fecal matter fixation.

George said...

Just bat your eyelashes at the stars baby ... they won't be able to resist

Cappy said...

Sounds like a bad day. Time to be abusive to oldsters during evacuation drills.

phishez_rule said...

How awesome would a porno with Christian Bale be?

And on that happy note - have a wonderful birthday.

Diesel said...

Oh man, I want to go be a gawker.

Anonymous said...

Wwait hold up! It's your birthday and I didn't know about it?!?!

That isn't good, I should have had more time to prepare my strip tease, my cake jumping, 2 dozen roses....

Anonymous said...

I am starting to think you aren't really a girl.
You can't be that hot, that funny AND have such good taste in movies/comics...
You are a figment of someone's imagination. You are like Mary in Something About Mary.

(the fact that I currently have sperm dangling from my ear has nothing to do with that comparison)

BEAST said...


Free sandwich AND Batman , now thats what I call a birthday.

You could crash the filmset dressed as WeenerWoman (half woman , half weener) and kick Batmans Ass......It might just work , it cant be as ridiculous as Mr Freeze

BEAST said...

Oh and you could flash as well....wont do any harm

electro-kevin said...

How do you know what a 'bum's ass' - smells like, Jenny ?

Eeeew ! Now that's disturbing.

I like it that you got a free Subway on your birthday - but it was probably the one that the pissy whino gave back because he'd dropped it. I hope you enjoyed your meal.

Have a nice dayayyy !

Akelamalu said...

Can't you get a part as an extra in the film - that would be so cool!

How was the sandwich?

captain corky said...

I'm going to be making a cameo in the new Batman movie. I'm playing Superman of course.

I hope your birthday was great! What did you get?

Jenny! said...

Brian In Oxford:
Well, it's not like I had anything else going on...I like to save up my days off!

Will do, so when I am arrested I can tell the police that "Sassy told me to!"

Was she playing trailer trash in her next movie??? I think we should throw babies at her!

What would your strategy be for getting on camera?

Didn't think aobut that...gross!

That was perfect...have you considered auditioning for American Idol???

All of next week!

Yes, that would be awesome! How could Christian resist all of us...that's 8 boobs!

That would be sweet...although I think it might be a bit pornesque if they let me do that!

I think it would be cool...I could break into the acting industry and take it by storm!

I do like the !...It's my favorite punctuation! I will ask Don if he would mind being the best man...pretty sure the answers no...unless you paid him...then maybe it could be like that movie!

You forgot my ! in the poem! I LOVE it...I don't think anyone has written a poem for me before!

Is your dad single and wanting to mingle...a bit of piss stench can be overcome by money!

Blog Portland:
But you said if I sent you all those pics that you would send me a worn cape...what the fuck! Are you really Batman???

I like your !! you beat Stan! Can you be my watch dog...and then I could walk you on my leash!!! It would make me feel very very safe!

Dan Mega:
Sure, I will meet you there at 8pm tonight! But you need to wear an electric blue ruffle tux and aligator skin I recognize you!

Dyck thinks ahead! Underwear is an inconvenience!

I am afraid I don't do bating of the eyelashes well, I just end up looking special and that's not hot!

That would make my day perfect...elderly abuse makes everyone happy!

That would be even more perfect if Heath Ledger joined in too!

YOu already are...And can you stop putting your hand down your pants when your outside my's really starting to give me the heeby jeebies!

Belated presents are just as good as on time ones! I like vanilla cake...not chocolate! And make sure its real whipped cream...not buttercream frosting...and I like bananna hammocks and white roses!

How did your jizm get on your ear...were you aiming for your mouth again??? I keep my balls tucked away so you won't notice...right away!

Mr. Freeze was a joke...Weener Woman is so much better! What would my costume look like???

Could do...might be easiest!

Gross, gross, gross! I know what bum's ass smells like because I ride the train everyday and walk through the subway, and walk past teh fuckers on the street...and I hate the city...because it all smells like shit and piss!

The sandwich was decent! And I am hoping to get on the movie! I would be the geeked out girl, that doesn't stop staring directly into hte camera and becomes catatonic!

I am going to be Weener Woman in the movie...I wonder I am Superman's new sidekick?

minijonb said...

happy happy joy joy!

happy belated birthday Jenny!

how ya like that iPod your gang got ya?

Heart Of Darkness said...

Happy belated b'day!

Another movie in your building? I work across the street from a freaking movie studio, and yet, I have never seen a movie shot!!!! How fair is that???? *sigh*

Jenny! said...

I LOVE my iPod!

Heart of Darnkness:
That you ever see stars???

snowelf said...


Love ya Babe!! Happy Birthday!!!


p.s. Next year I can come party with you in person!! :)

Em said...

Happy belated birthday Jenny - hope you had a good one!

Anonymous said...

that's fucking cool... get me Christians number...