Friday, August 10, 2007

Rubber Ducky!

A dump truck unloads 20,000 rubber duckies from the Columbus Drive Bridge into the Chicago River for the 2nd Annual Windy City Duck Derby.

This reminds me about a conversation we had last night at book club! We were talking about dildos and vibrators and proper techniques for keeping your toy in tip top shape. There are 7 members of BAMF's and one of them is our vibrator queen expert! I think we all have our area of expertise...and this is one where she excels...I can't name drop as I am pretty sure she will beat my skank ass!
So, what I learned last night is that you are not supposed to keep the batteries in your vibrator...your supposed to take them out after each use. Now that seems like a lot of work to me! She also let us know that some are water proof. Now, I may have not been seeing the big picture, but I was like, I don't think your supposed to stick the whole vibrator up your twat...the balls part is supposed to stay why would it need to be waterproof? Well, apparently there is a cute little ducky vibrator that you can take in the bath with you...

So I am taking the dumping of the rubber duckies and the vibe ducky conversation from last night as a sign that I need to get a duck of my own!


Stan! said...

I'm not an expert in the field. You'll be surprised to learn.
But there are internet rumours that Dyck is bringing out a range of dildos and curved shafts sculpted after his own member. 'hardly likely to satisfy the discerning twat, I would opine.

Ashley said...

Could you have hinted at this before your birthday! I would have gladly gotten you a duck.

Hammer said...

That duck has a look on his face like he's been somewhere naughty.

Anonymous said...

The "Vibrating Mutley" has not yet taken off in the UK... do yer think you could use 1000 of them?

Christie said...

Wow, I don't know if having a vibrator that my kids could mistake for their bath toy is a good idea.

Bugwit said...

Happy birthday, Jenny!

Here's hoping you get a great big duck for a present.

George said...

I was wondering where you were going with the transition from rubber ducks to vibrators.

Does this me you might get ducked tonight?

Yoda said...

Oh, there's something wrong with a ducky inside a twat! I can't place it, but I can feel there's something wrong!!

Loaf said...

The main question this raises for me is how do you become a vibrator queen?? That's an awesome title to hold!

Sarah said...

maybe next year!

The [Cherry] Ride said...

Ducks all around then!
And happy birthday

Just Sayin' said...

Rubber ducky... You're the one!

You make bath time... So much fun!

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

That's why Ernie from Sesame Street said of Rubber Ducky, "You make bath time lots of fun."

phishez_rule said...

Oh dear, I feel like quite the pervert. I've known about waterproof vibes and ducks for years. I do know you shouldn't keep your batteries in your vibe, but I do anyways. I use mine so damn frequently that its not that big a deal. I've worn a nice little thumb notch in mine.

Michael5000 said...

Just Sayin' beat me to it.

Miss Smack said...

hehee, funny.

Thomas said...

I think those ducks need an attorney!

BEAST said...

I dont know , you girls!!!
Instead of spending your hard earned cash on a vibrating rubber duck , just sit on the washing machine when its on fast spin.
Kils two birds with one stone ......clean clothes and get ya rocks off at the same time AND you reduce your carbon footprint

Akelamalu said...

Whatever next?????? Why is that duck smiling??

Dyck!! said...

Can I duck you in your butt quack??

Stanley is correct, I do have a line of Dyckerson dildos, but they had to halt production because we ran out of rubber after the third dildo.

Jenny! said...

I am no expert either...but dildo's fashioned from the cocks of bloggers is kind of fun!

I didn't know before hand that this was an option! You should have told me sooner!

He looks like a happy duck though!

I could use a few, but I have a friend that would be happy to take the 990 off your hands!


I didn't get one...but I am hoping one is in my Christmas stocking!

There's always some weird way that I find to connect regular everyday things to poon! If I'm lucky I'll get ducked!

I don't think it goes inside...I think its for clitoral stimulations...but I could be wrong...after all I am not the expert!

You can become a vibrator queen, but 1st becoming an addict, 2nd having a huge collection, and 3rd using them so often that you know EVERYTHING about them and their maintanence...ifyou want...I can have my friend show to be a vibrator queen that is!

I was thinking Christmas!

Cherry Ride:

Just Sayin':
I wonder if that is on the packagain...that would be sweet!

Dr. Noisewater:
Ernie was a pervert! I don't think that the ducks are designed for anal stimulation!

Your not a pervert you are also a Vibrator Queen! Two can hold that title!

Seaseme Street was full of pervs!

Miss Smack:
I thought so!

Well, with all the sexual harrassment that will be coming their way...they would be smart to hire you!

That's a fanfuckingtastic idea!

Thats one VERY happy duck!

How much does one of those cost??? I think I would rather have the real deal instead of rubber!

captain corky said...

I've learned so much about rubber ducks from this post. Will you be posting a pic of your rubber ducky anytime soon?

captain corky said...
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Jeanette said...

Wow Christmas...what a way to celebrate the birth of our lord and saviour. Just a guess but you probably have to go through the hassle of taking the batteries out of that one too. But maybe since it's waterproof you don't have to. Oh gosh, so many rules!

Nocturnal said...

I think it's safe to say your bathtub gets put to use and then some, that lucky duck!


snowelf said...

Also, I learned you're not supposed to wash them with antibacterial soap because it leaves a residue that can cause infection.
Just FYI !!


Keshi said...

vibrator ducks?


Anonymous said...

I certainly think you are in need of a bird inside you, but not necessarily a duckie....

BEAST said...

Beast is BORED
Boredom = overwhelming urge to moon someone

( ! )

There that feels better.
I shall now go and take pictures of my ass on my mobile and text it to all my friends :-)

Anonymous said...

I am glad it was me you chose to Moon Mr Beast! I am glad we can share these precious moments.. You have a very hairy butt quack by the way!!

SMARTBuddy said...

I love how this post sharply changes direction from the first three, to the next 4 lines! I was thinking, 'how do they remind you?' but it all got explained. I want to join BAMF's!

captain corky said...

PS I look forward to reading BAMF'S review of my book, but first I have to write it.

fatwonkkid said...

if you can't imagine a reason for your vibe being waterproof, you need to get more creative with your toys.

-Papa said...

I may never be able to go to a Chinese restaurant and order any of the duck dishes with a straight face.

NamesAreHardToPick said...

Right because ducks have blue eyes. Haha.

Jenny! said...

As soon as someone gives me one I will show you!

It is too complicated for me...I think I will continue to just leave the batteries in!

My tub is put to use alot...but not with a duck!

Good to know! I am so not hip to the rules and regulations of vibrators! Are there any special instructions for anal beads that I should know about???

Yeah...I guess so! YOu can stick anything up there, just never thought of a kids rubber duck!

My bird of preference would be a cockatoo!

Nice crack!

Ha ha! Butt quack! So clever you are! Better Beast moon you than me...I don't like hairy ass!

You can join...but you need to make us a den so we can chat about muff and vibes with flashlights!

If you write it...we will read!

I really do need to expand my sex toy collection!

I have a very disgusting comment about sweet n' sour duck but I will refrain, as I may puke just typing it out!

I don't get it!

Brian in Oxford said...

So why did the city of Chicago dump 20,000 vibrators in the river? And where are the horny chicks diving in after them?

Jenny! said...

Brian In Oxford:
Perplexing...and such a waste! If I see one floating by, I will resuce it and give it a good home!

DoGGa said...

Oooh, we have a rubber duck race on the river Severn by me, but they are dropped in off a bridge by hand - you seem to be addressing the masses :]

Anonymous said...

You need to make sure Jenny sees this... she wouldn't have to hide her vibrator from her cleaning lady anymore! LOL

Anonymous said...
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