Monday, August 13, 2007

Chicken, Movies and Hooters!

Found this somewhere, and thought it was hysterical! Now I have a taste for chicken! KFC is perhaps the nastiest fast food chain on the planet, and it's best to throw your food directly into the toilet and save yourself the trouble later!
Don and I watched TNMT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) this weekend, and I LOVED IT! I feel like a huge nerd, but it was a good movie. I thought the effects were better than Spiderman (which I HATED with a passion) and the story line was decent. Don is the biggest TNMT fan of all time, and because of that, default, have become a fan. Don is into all the super dork things, kind of like Captain Corky, and I find myself enjoying most of the comic book movies and all things nerd! The voice of Raph was a bit too "tough guy New Yorker"...and was annoying, but I was pleasantly surprised that I didn't want to throw something at the TV when April was on screen because she was voiced by Sarah Michelle Gellar (I can't stand her). So, if you liked Spiderman...which sucked Beast's hairy ass...then you should at least like TNMT.We also watched Disturbia...which was fan-fucking-tastic! I did not have very high expectations for this movie, it looked a bit cheesy in the previews, but I really enjoyed it. I think that Shia LaBeouf is pretty hot and he can act too! He was perfectly casted as the likable protagonist. I like movies that have very few characters and can still keep it interesting and intriguing. There wasn't excessive dialogue and it was well paced and had some well placed humor. It is a modernized remake of Rear Window by Alfred Hitchcock and they did a great job! I would highly recommend Distrubia!

This is only mildly funny...but I miss Hooters! Don worked there a few years ago (not has a waitress, but as a host...his tits aren't that big) and me and my girls would go and eat there all the time...they have the best fucking joke...the tits and ass aren't always that's the food that keeps the place running! They also threw the best Christmas party of all times! Don...can we go to Hooters for dinner???


captain corky said...

What do you mean I'm into super dork things? I swear, I haven't spent the last 10 months hunting down action figures from every Target, comic book store, and Toys R US within 100 miles of Louisville for myself... They're for Max.

No, really... they are.

captain corky said...

PS I love me a KFC 8.99 all you can eat buffet. I don't care how long I'm on the toilet afterwards. ;)

BEAST said...

It is like a firm , ripe peach , so it is

snowelf said...

Hooters does have great food!! I totally agree. Way better than KFC!!!

I saw Hot Fuzz this weekend and I LOVED IT. I laughed my ass off at that movie!


fatwonkkid said...

that pic of KFC is pretty funny. I love KFC. a local kfc closed down. the closest one is 45 minutes away, but they have the KFC buffet.

oh i stuffed my face like a little pig one time. i was overloaded with fried greasy goodness. my wife had to help me back tot he car i ate so much. did i mention it was also valentines day!

random moments said...

Oo! Take me with you - I heart Hooters. You're right - the T & A never meet my expectations, but the food makes up for it.

The sign - a bit disturbing. I wonder if the landlord hesitated at all before installing boobs under the kiddies?

blog Portland said...

I can get down with their buffalo wings, but out of the 3 or 4 times I've been to Hooters, there have been maybe one or two pairs of jubblies bigger than my hands. It was more like South Park's version -- "Raisins."

Anonymous said...

just the title of this post alone talks about 3 of my favorite things, I haven't even read it yet and I think it is one ofthe best posts ever lol

NamesAreHardToPick said...

THANK YOU. I hated Spiderman too!

I have never been to Hooters, but from what I understand the appeal is females with good butts and good boobs? Maybe they could work on an ankle hooters? Kidding.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna have to go ahead and disagree with you on the Hooters thing.

I've never been that impressed with the tits, ass or food anytime I've been. They are supposed to be famous for wings, but I think their wings aren't even as good as a TGIFriday's.

Anonymous said...

I do want to see both of those movies though.

Brian in Oxford said...

Only one time at Hooters for me. I agree, the food and t/a displays were neither too fantastic.

But KFC rocks. I know they CALL it popcorn chicken, but it's really everything that's fallen off the extra-crispy while it's sat on the warming racks all day long. Yum!

Flyinfox_SATX said...

This was fuckin hysterical! Jenny I think you saw that pic on one of my earlier posts! I still laugh at it no matter how many times I view it.

That's great that you have a Hooters next to a Toys R Us. If I had that, I would go in and buy a game of Twister and give the Hooters girls a challenge. If they win, I buy them all lunches, if I win they all buy me lunch! WoooHooo!


PS. I loved TMNT! That movie Rocked!

Loaf said...

I am disappointed that I didn't get to try Hooters while I was in Chicago earlier in the year, but at least I have a good excuse to come back!

But knocking KFC? Surely not! I'm coming close to addiction for their Zinger Towers.

-Papa said...

I saw Disturbia AND Hot Fuzz Sunday as well as watched the opening for Rush Hour 3, however we didn't crave chicken, but we did want to visit a Toys R Us for some odd reason. ;P

Yoda said...

That's two more movie recommendations for me! I didn't see disturbia 'coz the name sounded so weird!

I also heard that Bourne Ultimatum is a great thriller and a must watch!

Now, if only I could have that much time to see the FIVE movies in my pipeline now :-)

BTW, I've never been to Hooters!

Jenny! said...

I LOVE super dorks and their things!!! Wink wink! KFC is so gross!!!

Firm and hairy! You should me the other day...remember!

Glad you liked Hot Fuzz, Hooters has the best hot dogs! Ironic?

Oh, I bet you smelled good after all that...surprised your wife was willing to touch you without you sliding through her fingers!

Random Moments:
I bet he didnt! I dont get why they hire flat chested girls to work at Hooters!

Blog Portand:
Agreed...the tits are not nearly as big as they should be! Stupid discrimination laws!

Shocking, you love tits and chicken!

You could have the Hooters girls put their feet on yourtable...they will think you are trying to get a peak at cooch...but no...your lookind at their ankles! I HATE SPIDERMAN!!!!

I don't eat chicken on the I can't attest for their wings...but their hot dogs, burgers and fries are good! You should see both of those movies...there good ones!

Brian In Oxford:
What is wrong wiht men liking KFC...its so so nasty! Hooters has good food...damnit! The tits aren't alwasy fantastic...but you hey, some girls just don't got teh boobs!

Awesome movie! Drunk Twister is better!

Loaf: gross! COme back...I will take you to Hooters!!!

DId you like Rush Hour 3???

That's a crime that you haven't had dad use to take me when I was little...gross when I say it out loud! Come to Chicago...and I will take you and Loaf to Hooters!

MONA said...

AH! KFC! we have them in India too!

Jenny I loved your picture story at thye experiment!

Stan! said...

...a post that does not contain any implicit or explicit muff references.Everything OK?
Hun, I have a few tales to tell of post-fast food induced diarreah. And I'm talking explosive outpourings of biblical proportions....but I'll spare you.

-Papa said...

I liked Rush Hour 3, but not as much as the first Rush Hour and Rush Hour 2. We also saw The Bourne Ultimatum, and that one I recommend you go see, but pee before you go in the theater or wear a catheter tube cause the movie is 3 hours long, but a good movie nonetheless.

Hammer said...

KFC sides taste like wall paper paste and yeah Hooters has a good cobb salad.

Anonymous said...

Whats wrong with KFC? Colonel Sanders was a kind old man who did his best for the world...I only ever went to Hooters in the US once but they recently opened a branch down here in Devon!!

Christie said...

I saw Hot Fuzz this weekend, too, Snowelf. I did fall asleep, but only because I was drained from an exhausting day. From what I saw, I liked it. I've never eaten at Hooters, but I've heard good things about their food. Jay says the breasts are to die for. I bet they are.

Jenny! said...

Thank you!

Thanks for sparing me the details! I do on occasion talk about other things besides muff, cock and fucking ya know!

I can't wait to see Bourne...I absolutley loved the 1st two! I don't use public I would hold it anyway!

KFC is nasty! Hooters DOES have good food...their pasta salad is decent too!

Get you ass down to that Hooters...try your pick up lines on the bitches...who knows you may get some free food!

You need to watch Hot Fuzz while awake...and Hooters does have some decent breast...some are all inflated with silicon, but it works!

Stan! said...

"I do on occasion talk about other things besides muff, cock and fucking ya know!"

You forgot ass.

Stan! said...

And jugs.

Stan! said...

Try the sushi.....

Cece said...

I haven't had KFC in YEARS. I just don't like chicken on the bone so I don't crave it. Thankfully. lol

TMNT??? Oh no!!! I hated them in the 90's and couldn't imagine watching them now! It seems like I haven't been to a movie in so long. Its time.

And as for Hooters, I walked in to one in Long Beach once. My girlfriends and I sat down, looked at the menu & left. We ended up at a Mexican restaurant across the street. I don't do wings & stuff like that so it wasn't for me. I want Mexican. lol

Dyck!! said...

Didja hear KFC is merging with Hooters?? You can get a bucket of breasts for $4.99...regular or extra perky!

George said...

I work with a younger girl who used to work at hooters ... I always thought that the women employed by the place had to have sizeable ... hooters ... she is like a 34B ... did they let their standards for some strange reason?

Dan Mega said...

Fast food chicken- ugh.

I make much better chicken.

Diesel said...

What's wrong with eating paste?

Ashley said...

Was there a cameo by Vanilla Ice?

Cappy said...

I can still manage KFC, but Arbys gives me the Hershey Squirts every time.

Ryan said...

I can tell you what dorky really is.

I have never been to Hooters.

Maybe someday.....

Bugwit said...

KFC the worst fast food chain? Not even close.

In Minnesota, there's a chain called . If you like lutefisker , that's the place for you!

DoGGa said...

Ooh, I love KFC Zinger burgers, if you get those over there!

I love TMNT too and was a huge fanatic when I was younger and still a little fan nowadays :]

captain corky said...

Jenny, can you guess what I'm wearing underneath my shirt? ;)


I have heard of Hooters. Is it called htis because the waitresses serve food bare breasted? Before your post I thought it was a franchise of strip clubs!
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Jenny! said...

I did forget those things...silly me!

I don't like chicken on the bone either...its nasty..but Hooters has good hot dogs and burgers! I LOVE's my favorite! My fiance is Mexican and his grandma makes food that is out of this world fantastic! Yum...Now I want Mexican!

That's they cum with sides?

They can't discriminate...although I think they should start...if you name a restaurant Hooters...teh fucking tits better live up to the's not named Bee Stings!

Dan Mega:
Fast food chicken is evil!!! I make better chicken too!

Nothings wrong with eating paste...but huffing glue is the way to go!


Gross! I haven't had Arby's since i was a little kid...and now, I dont think I will eat it ever again!

You all should come visit me in Chicago, and I will take all you virgin Hooter boys to lunch!

Your so right...KFC's got nothing on that nasty place!

It is the only cartoon that has really grown on me and that I truly like! Turtle power!

The obvious choice would be a Superman shirt...but I am going to go with Superwoman bra and panty set!

They are in little cute orange shorts and a white tank top that says Hooters! It's really not that revealing!

Nigel St.John Regina Smegmatica Howle-Raines said...

One of my oldest friends used to manage a Hooters, for 4 years, in suburban Atlanta. He said it was like being a guidance counselor to a bunch of 8th grade girls.

What was REALLY disturbing was the tendency for the women who worked there--the majority of them, mind you--to have toothless unemployed redneck boyfriends who'd abuse them. These guys always drove old Camaros, and they all smoked. And they lived in mobile homes.

I never could figure this out.

The [Cherry] Ride said...

I simply don't understand how you don't like KFC. It is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

Dyck!! said...

They sure do, baby! Would you like me to butter your biscuit??

ADW said...

Maybe I need to come be your personal Hooters waitress. SOme of those hoes have no fucking clue. Seriously.

Heart Of Darkness said...

Haha, fun signs! The one saying "two fat thigst, two small breasts" kinda sounds like they are serving, well, um... me! LOL

I just don't have that wing any more... it fell off after I lost my halo... :(

Jenny! said...

A few of the chicks I met when my fiance worked there were a bit...trashy! But not all of them, some were really smart!

Cherry Ride:
I don't know...maybe I need ot try one in like Iowa...maybe it will be cleaner looking!

Can you put a little honey on it too!

I would like that very much! There are a few that were really intelligent, funny, etc...but the majority were a bit dumb!

Heart of Darkness:
I hate when my halo falls off!

Superstar said...

Hands down BEST.Sign> EVER!!! KFC Rocks the house!

DoGGa said...

Cowabunga dudette!!!

Sassy Blondie said...

KFC? *shudder*

I have yet to see the turtles movie, but I thought Disturbia was fantastic too!

I do want to note that I was not strangely attracted to Shia as I was to Harry Potter. I'm just sayin'...

honkeie2 said...

Spiderman has to be the worst of the super hero movies ever!