Friday, August 31, 2007

Fashion Faceoff

I would not consider myself anything even close to fashionable! But I think I have enough fashion sense to not be caught dead in the decorative garbage bags below!
Who looks better in the dress? I think they all look like shit...It's like picking between fugly and fuglier!
I don't know who either of these girls are...but the one on the right looks retarded. not a good choice...looks like a sack of pissed on flour!
Bad acid trip!
Toga's should only be worn at frat houses and under the influence of kegs of beer! That dress would make it easy to choke them!
I have no words!
I bet they both paid a fortune for that potato sack!

Train wrecks must shop at the same store!
Carmen...I see your undies!
Frumpy yuck!

Yeah...more fucking yellow!

The only exception is Jenny McCarthy who will never be fugly in my book...she's hot! I love you Jenny!


Akelamalu said...

You must have found the worst frocks in the world with that lot!

Christie said...

Apparently when you are rich and famous you can dress ugly because it comes from big name designers and no one questions big name designers.

Jeanette said...

Being friends with Audrina from "The Hills" (7th down on the right) would scare the shit out of me. She never is actually looking at you, it's always a little above the person or camera. This obviously also effects her ability to tell what clothes look good. I wonder what everyone else's problem is.

NamesAreHardToPick said...

God those are some ugly dresses. Seriously horrible tastes, but I guess with all that money they really don't care.

I miss your blog, Jenny!

Anonymous said...

I want Jenny's legs! DAMN! Those are some hot ass legs!

Buying these outfits would not be considered shopping... it is just charity work... or dumpster diving... I dunno what they are thinking!

Charlie said...

Top right pic is corinne bailey ray who i agree looks a little 'special' in the pic but has THE most beautiful voice and is fabulous live (if you ever get the chance/like her music). Agree on all but carmen electra ...i want that dress for the beach! And yup..Jenny McC looks smokin' in that. God, i want her legs.

honkeie2 said...

If I ever become rich and famous I will never wear normal cloths again. I would go out in a white bed sheet togas and in a hot day-glo pink man thong (aka-pickle sling). I would do everything in my wrapped power to get a cover spread on every tabloid.
Anyone named Jenny it totally bang-able!

electro-kevin said...

Meoawww ! You can be such a catty bitch, Jenny.

Your talents are wasted. Lots of people like you and you should be writing for a down-market magazine (no offence) that takes the piss out of celebrity.

captain corky said...

Did Christina Ricci smoke crack for a month to look like that?

Fuck J-Lo too

minijonb said...

well, thanks for the Jenny McCarthy pic... other than that, it was all one big fug sandwich.

Yoda said...

I got a hard on from all these beautiful ladies you showed me Jenny!

Brian in Oxford said...

on the first pair of yellow dresses....I can understand using the material of an old sheet to make a dress....but ya gotta use the FLAT sheet, not the FITTED one. dopes....

Jenny! said...

People magazine found them actually!

Big name designers make me a bit sick...but if I was rich as hell...who knows...i may wear garbage bags too!

The fact that you know who she is...makes me a bit scared of YOU! Shifty eyes creap me out!

My blog's right dont have to miss it! Those are some fugly things right?

Jenny's everything is hot! I want ot BE her! Dumpster diving has better finds than what these girls are wearing!

Thanks for the info! I will have to give her a listen! Carmen's gotten a bit trash for me...but if I had that body...I wouldnt wear anyting to the beach!

Honkeie2 AKA Forrest:
You said pickle sling...he he I want a pickle...and a banana hammock!

That would be fun...and yes...I can be a bitch...but its all in the spirit of good fun!

You know that Ricci has been on crack for more like 20 years! She lost her innocence after playing Wednesday on the Addams Family! I agree...fuck J-Blow!

Fugtastic though! Jenny really is a hot piece of ass...I am jealous of Jim Carey getting to tap that!

Yoda: got a hard on from half dressed woman??? Weird! need ot get some action in NYC!

Brian In Oxford: have me rolling! Of all the comments EVER...that is the funniest shit! YOu are so dead on accurate in that description that it is not only scary...but I want to marry you now!

Hammer said...

Most of that stuff looks stupid.

Of course most of the runway crap looks pukey.

Flyinfox_SATX said...

I can so see you in something low cut! You would be teasing the shit out of me....


chuckdaddy2000 said...

Most of them reminded me of maternity clothes.

Open Grove Claudia said...

I think when you put clothing on little bitty people they look like the BRATS - big heads, tiny bodies. It's amusing to see they extra itty bitty "kids" dress up too.

At least Joss Stone is tall enough to wear the damn dress.

Cappy said...

bcgloIt worked for Devo!

Jason said...

ugly barf barf

but it's against my rules to make fun of lily allen or christina ricci

Jenny! said...

The runway stuff is even worse!

Low cuts teh way to show off the girls!

Yep...they do!

Open Grove Claudia: need to be tall to pull of some dresses!


I don't know who Lilly Allen is and Ricci....really....???

Nocturnal said...

The bigger people get, the stranger they get; hands down. Those clothes are scary.


RAFFI said...

doesn't matter what kinda dress they wear, i still wanna bang them all

RAFFI said...

all except kirstie alley that is

George said...

I'll just bet they all look much better naked ... even the retard

Good weekend sweetie

phishez_rule said...

Eww. Those are some UUURRRGGGLLLYYY clothes!

WTF is that thing Cameron Diaz is wearing? It is supposed to be a pinafore, a dress, or a fucking hideous tent?

And it makes her boobs look really small too!

Tyler Durden said...

I agree with all these girls that say they want Jenny's legs. I want Jenny's legs too, wrapped around the back of my head. Oh yeah, Jenny McCarthy looks good too.

Anonymous said...

you found some shockers there Jenny!

This is what I call the art of pretension. Thinking that you are so important and on the edge of fame and glamour that you will be STOOPID enough to wear whatever some hybrid male/female version designer alien had sewn up and declared "so hot right now"

ugh. they are just all so dumb dumb dumb.

Gardener Greg said...

Just another example of what crack does to your imagination. Looks to me like they should give designers a drug test.

the enema bandit said...

i don't care about the rags... i would still cream on all of them...

Anonymous said...

estimating softwaredata cabling engineerBeing friends with Audrina from "The Hills" (7th down on the right) would scare the shit out of me. She never is actually looking at you, it's always a little above the person or camera. This obviously also effects her ability to tell what clothes look good. I wonder what everyone else's problem is.