Friday, August 31, 2007

For Raffi and Forrest!

This video is dedicated to Raffi!

And this video is dedicated to


Mike M said...

Damn Jenny! I don't know where you get this shit but I am laugh so fucking hard.

Also, you have been tagged. Come by and see

Mike M said...

Also, come get you damn award!!!

Mighty Dyckerson said...

How come you never dedicate anything to your Dykie Wyckie??

Open Grove Claudia said...

Um, what do you think he actually told the boss? "There's a guy who's pretending to jerk off in the kitchenette and he pretend touched his pretend penis to my pretend penis."


RAFFI said...

:) but, he's not as cool as me. i was on "dancing with the stars" and won. also, when i mimic masturbation in public, nobody complains.

fatwonkkid said...

it'd be funny if they did the dancing storm trooper thing in China. then the chinese police would be the shit out of him for being a dumbass in public.

Neo said...

J - Hmmmm that guy used to work at the place where I was. For some reason they terminated him. Hmmmmm wonder why....


- Neo

Stan!! said...

Yeah, Dyckums is not the only one who is feeeling left out.

Gorilla Bananas said...

I'd like to see you doing what those guys were doing, Jenny. Do you wear glasses when giving your fiance a hand job?

captain corky said...

He's a little short to be a Stormtrooper, but he does have rhythm, I'll give him that.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

I want to see a dancing stormtrooper pantomiming a good wank.

electro-kevin said...

Great !

I laughed my nads off over the wanking vid.

Jenny! said...

Mike M:
I promise to get my damn award soon...sorry sorry sorry! Glad you got a good laugh though!

I dedicate at least two orgasms a week to you baby? Isn't that enough!

Open Grove:
He he said wanker! I love that word!

Watching you mimic jerking off would be fantastic...but only if you danced and wore the Storm Trooper suit!

Yeah...but being a dumbass in public is enjoyable to me!

I bet he pretend jizzed on his bosses chair...that would get anyone fired for sure!

Things are dedicated in your name all the time...just none that can be posted here!

You would like to see me pretend jerk myself off??? ok!

Jealous...I bet you have some moves...lets see them!

Dr. Noisewater:
Combining both would be fantastic!

Slow jerk is the funniest shit I have seen in a while! Glad your nads got ot dance a bit!

Ashley said...

Thanks for those Jenny. They cracked me up and brought tears to my eyes!!!!

hungech said...
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