Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Battle!

Is anyone else sick of rappers and hip-hop artists and all the fucked up drama that comes with it? The East coast vs. West coast crap, the shootings and the who's got the bigger dick childish rivalry! After all...their black...all their dicks are big, so why fight about it! I am not a rap fan...sorry J-Dawg...don't be mad, but a wigger!

The latest beef is between Kanye West and 50 Cent.

The two hip-hop stars new albums, 50 Cent's "Curtis" and Kanye West's "Graduation," are both released on September 11 and 50 Cent is so confident he will win the sales war he is willing to gamble his future. What future would that be? Being shot up at some seedy night club by some rival recording artist in hopes of become the next Tupac? Anything but that 50...we need you!

50 Cent said: "Let's raise the stakes. If Kanye West sells more records than 50 Cent on September 11, I'll no longer perform music. I'll write music and work with my other artists, but I won't put out any more solo albums. They would like to see Kanye West give me a problem because I've worked myself into a space where I've become the favorite. Everybody roots for the underdog when he goes against the favorite."

Since I am so not street enough to keep up the rapper lingo and slang...I am renaming the opponents. 50 Cent now is going to be called Half Dolla and Kanye West is now going to be called King Wuss.

Here's a news flash for Half Dolla...the world will not stop turning if you give up your solo career. I will not shed one single tear if you loose. Aside from the fact that I think you are hot as sin and a bad ass mofo...I don't much like you and quite frankly, I am a bit scared of you! I think your songs are catchy and all your references to bitches sucking your dick is kind of entertaining...but I won't die without them! I can make my own dick sucking references, thank you! Half Dolla...cut the beef bro and start trying to peddle more of your porn prosthetics! You are too cocky for your own half witted piece of shit!

Here's my news flash for King Wuss...I hate you, you mother fucking ignorant bastard trash cunt! You make my skin crawl at the mention of your name. You are a piece of shit not worthy enough to wipe my ass. I hope Half Dolla's crew busts a cap in yo' ass! Your designer fucking suits don't hide the scum that you are on the inside and I hope you rot in hell sooner rather than later! Your such a can act and talk all tough but I would bet you cry your sorry ass to sleep every night! I could beat your ass in seconds...not just because of my out of control hate rage for you...but because you are a fucking wuss!

So...guess who I want to win?
Kenny Chesney who's new album also comes out on September 11.

I don't like country music either...but I would rather see Kenny win over Half Dolla and King Wuss.


Christie said...

Damn, Jenny! White girl brought it down on those fools!

captain corky said...

Can I freak you to a kenny Chesney song?

fatwonkkid said...

"You are a piece of shit not worthy enough to wipe my ass"

So do you normally wipe your ass with shit, because I usually use toilet paper?

You should look up the Punk'd episode when they punk King Wuss. He is filming a video, and fake police bust him for not having the proper permits. They then try to confiscate his tapes, but he grabs it and runs off a like a little bitch.

Yoda said...

Half Dolla ... LMAO! That's priceless!

Fever Dog said...

50 Cent played Reading festival a few years ago -- he had to cut the set short because of the relentless hail of plastic bottles being thrown at the stage. I think it was when someone threw a chair that he finally gave in.

As it goes though, I don't mind rap and I like some of Kanye West's stuff.

mutleythedog said...

I am with you on this - but the country music ? No way...

Paul Champagne said...

damn ... and I was just going to ask you to a rap concert!

mutleythedog said...

Yaay I m sixth!

electro-kevin said...

Ban Rap. Incitement to violence, mysoginy, aggression ...

Caused a lot of trouble in Britain too.

Mighty Dyckerson said...

I was highly amused by the Half Dolla joke...only I think Haff Dolla would be more accurate.

BTW, my dick is biggest. ;)

Stacie said...

I've been calling that wanna be half dolla for years it really ticks my kids off. I can't stand either of them...
buncha worhtless thug wannabe's they're all pathetic

George said...

" I'll no longer perform music" ... I never knew that he had ever performed any music ... I never knew that any of them ever performed music ... rap isn't music ... it like trying to gargle with the microphone shoved half (haff?) way down your throat.
Know where I comin from mutha?

King Wuss said...

Jenny! Don't like black people.

-King Wuss

Wanda said...

sheeeeit...dam white chick throwin' it down! she one pissed off pussy! MEOW!

BEAST said...

And King Wuss's last album was shite !
But country music ??????

Ed said...

You guys say "wigger" too?

Word up.

ADW said...

So how do you really feel?

Plus, even though he is short as hell - I think he's the same size as a Hobbit - Kenny is still too hot. With a hat on of course.

Thanks for the man candy!

Jason said...

Both have a lot in common. Thing is, I am surprised. It's 50 who is the studio gangster, and he's a bad actor at that. At least Kayne makes his own beats which is more than I can say for most acts. He MADE most of those acts. Also, the whole thing is a publicity stunt, they do not hate each other. Hip Hop is like the WWF - they both know they will sell, they don't really give a shit about anything but that.

Jason said...

i agree with you guys but preppy kanye isn't a thug and never claims to be. you are free to say he sucks, but don't say it's because he is a fake thug gangster type, say it's because you don't dig his music or pink polo shirts.

Stan!! said...

Don't be hating the country music!!I have a thing for the Dixie Chicks and Sugarland.
Whatever happened to Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five?(before your time, Jenny!)

Jeanette said...

I heart my wigger! I am totally rooting for Half Dolla to win on the 11th. While I do agree that the world will go on without either one of them, I dislike Kanye's attitude far more than 50s confidence. (okay, so confidence with a little cock too it.)

mutleythedog said...

Why don't I have a video dedicated to me?

Hammer said...

Rap "music?" sucks my nuts.

These jackoffs need to just use those nines they love to rap about on themselves.

RAFFI said...

i think they should all collaborate and make an album to be released on sept.12th. haff dolla, king wuss, and kunty chesney. btw, i think that king wuss actually got wind of your post and decided to drop by. he's probably crying himself to sleep right now.

Steph said...

I don't get it either. Isn't there enough people trying to kill black dudes in your country without them turning on each other???

Jenny! said...

I am a very scary white girl...only sometimes!

Although i would like Kenny to win...doesn't mean that I like him! If you freak me does that mean you will freak my dogs, wife and truck too?

I say that Punk'd...such a douche he is! And I use TP...that just flowed out a bit weird I guess!

I think it's easier to say!

Fever Dog:
Ha ha...someone really threw a chair? Fantastic. I don't think Kanye's music is that bad...I just can't stand him as a I refuse to buy and listen to his music.

I hate Country music...but I would take that over rap shit any day!

Paul: go for this chica! I like metal!


Rap is just shit! It's really sad actually...that people will buy that crap!

Shit...Haff would have been so much funnier...that is why your the catch the little things! My big dicked love monkey!

Word! I love that you piss off your kids like that!

Absolutely! It's all crap bro!

King Wuss:
No, I like black people...I HATE ignorant mother fuckers though!

Oh...I can throw down with the best of em!

I don't like Country music...but givin the choice between Rap and Country...I would have to say Country 95% of the time! Metal is the way to go though! Fuck that hillbilly shit!


That is the 1st pic I have seen of Kenny C...not a country fan myself...but he is pretty hot!

Of course its a publicity stunt...but why do they have to do that shit...its fucking annoying! I don't hate Kanye because of his preppy style...and I never said he was a gangster...I kind of like the pink polo thing!

I HATE the Dixie Chicks! Do you just want to bang them...or do you truly like them??? Much before my time, by the way!

I know you heart wigger man! And i agree...I like my confidence with some cock to it!

You do have a video dedicated to you...I made it last night...I will mail it to you!

Fantastic idea...they can bust a cap in they own ass!

Kanye can suck my dick! Just like Lil Kim says!

There is more black on black crime than white on black crime...can't they get along wiht each other!

Anonymous said...

Country aint music and rap is crap... that aside, isn't it pathetic when someone tries the threat of cultural suicide if the world doesn't show them some love? It happens everywhere and is just plain childish.

assrellah... nice phrase. love that up close and personal shot of her asscrack. At least she's not wearing a brightly colored thong underneath. Although I might enjoy that even more!!


Nocturnal said...

Between those three, Chesney is definitely your best bet little lady.


Sassy Blondie said...

How much do I like you after this post? About 300% more, and that's a lot considering I thought you were pretty damn cool to begin with.

Ashley said...

I want you to tell us how you really feel about King Wuss! What a concise, dead on summation of the entire fiasco.

My money is totally on Kenny Chesney. His last four albums have debuted at number one. Entertainment Weekly wrote about this and had a quote from Kenny Chesney on it, too. I think it is hilarious that Half Dolla and King Wuss are so egocentric that they don't even think of being Kenny Chesney as real possibility.