Sunday, September 02, 2007


My dog has such bad gas right I may be brain dead by the time I am done writing this! I will be short and hopefully sweet!

Friday after work I ran into a friend from High School. She was one of my best friends throughout High School, but then she moved to L.A. and we kind of lost touch. It's fun running into people and seeing how things have changed so much but at the same time not at all. So, last night we had a mini-reunion at my house and played some games did some drinking...golly good times!

After playing Disney Scene-It...which I ruled in...we played Catch Phrase (my favorite game) and then started in on the sex talk. My sister and her boyfriend were there too so I happened to learn WAY more info that I care to know about my sisters sex life! After a half bottle of Riesling and a full bottle of Merlot...I was sufficiently buzzed enough to forget all the horrible sex things my sister shared! I did end up with a new nickname after last night though...Assarella...thanks J-Dawg AKA Dress Up Girl!

However, I think the nickname Assarella already belongs to this I need a new one...but Assarella is kind of catchy! What do you think my nick name should be?


Diesel said...

Wow, it's like an upside down heart. And I upside down heart it.

-Papa said...

I saw that thing backing up once, and it started beeping!

Crashdummie said...

Assarella sure has a nice ring to it... But there is always a but(t).. hmm

the enema bandit said...

i would give my right wait...i would give my right little toe to cream in that beautiful ass....YOBABY!

Stan!! said...

finally, a post that celebrates the ole junk in the trunk.
I can not lie, I can not deny....
Assarella's rump is the kind of rear that elicits good cheer!

Happy Labor Day, people of the USofA!

Akelamalu said...

Assarella - a bit like Sarsaparilla - sassy - yes that's you jenny - Sassy!

Re the talk about sex - too much information is not good!

Mike M said...

Oh, don't open that door Jenny!!!! I have about 4 nicknames for you off the top of my head. HA

On that story I tagged you for, you don't have to be clean if you don't want to. In fact, it needs a little spice, so pepper away!

Keshi said...

ROFL @Assarealla!


captain corky said...

I really want to slap that ass!

Is that a line from one of 50 Cent's songs?

Yoda said...

Regardless of how much I'm drunk, I DO NOT want to know details of my sister's sex life! Gosh, think of all the other useful info that could be crowding my 2 ounce brain??? LOL!

I don't know what your nick name should be, but it wouldn't be complete without a reference to your boobies! LMAO!

Mu Tai Dong said...

You want big ass? I got yelling! By the heart of stops, then backwards - right?

Dog petrol and car make to got - with easy page.

Cappy said...

Are the guys there getting tickets to replace the bar stool seat with their faces?

fatwonkkid said...

so how did your assarella nickname evolve. you must have done something assalicious to get that nickname.

after i get the back story, then i can decide...

Slick said...

Hell, I like Assarella. I say take the name away from that chick. You know you want to....

If I learned all of my sister's sexual stuff, I'd beat the hell out of her husband probably.

Mighty Dyckerson said...

I've always been partial to Sugar Tits myself.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

There are things in life you just don't want to know- don't even want to think about.
Relatives having sex is one of them.

I think a curvaceous behind is quite appealing, but it depends on how curvaceous.

RAFFI said...

i think your nickname should be simply a quotation mark


Nocturnal said...

Assarella is classic, but I'm surprised you never ended up with a name pertaining to your melons.


electro-kevin said...

The ass pictured is perfect IMHO. I like my women curvy.

Just Sayin' said...

Assarella is flippin' awesome!

By the way...

Tag! you're it!

Open Grove Claudia said...

WOW! Do you think she's signing autographs for her large rear??

The [Cherry] Ride said...

That is quite a photo. Special.

As far as nickname goes, I got nuthin. So until then, you are Assarella in my book!

Josh said...

That ass is like a car wreck. You just gotta keep looking back at it to see if it real...

As for your new nick name, I'm thinking "Boobgina". Not sure why but it covers the best of both worlds and has a nice comic book ring to it.

Dan Mega said...

WHOA...back that up.

Fever Dog said...

I hope the nickname Assarella didn't come from your sex confessions in the drinking game

ADW said...

Tits McGee

Brian in Oxford said...

"Fucky McFuckFuck?"

Jenny! said...

I haven't seen an ass like the EVER!

Ha ha! At night its requiered by state law to have its lights on!

Butt's are like excuses...everyone's got one!

Enema Bandit:
That's not giving up much...your little toe grows back!

Did you come up with that rhyme all by yourself??? Junk in the trunk can go either bad or this case I am guessing good!

No...too much info about sister has left me scared! I do like Sassy!

Mike M:
I like opening doors...let me have em! If they contain the words bitch, cunt or asshole...even better!

It is funny!

If it is a line from 50...I like it! That ass is asking for a spankin!

It's all about the boobies for you isn't it??? YOu know girls have other parts brains! Ha ha...but who cares about brains when you got a big rack!

Mu Tai Dong:
I have no idea what your talking about...but I like you...your name is Dong!

Ha ha! Probably...they look like their all about ot cream their pants though!

Um, why don't you guess how I got that nickname...that's more fun for me! I will give you a hint has something to do with my ass!

I just want to vomit after hearing all that sex stuff from my sis...and I slightly want to beat the piss out of her boyfriend!

I like sugar tits...that works for me...can I call you cream cock?

Tru...a big behind can sometimes be WAY too big!

Ahhh, I like that idea!

Melons! That would work too! I kind of like can-ta-lop-eh!

What is IMHO?

Just Sayin:
I like it...I think it's quite cute! Damn tag!

Open Grove:
I think she's a porn yes...probably for her derrier!

Cherry Ride:
Assarella works for me! That is one special ass right!

Boobgina is kind of fun! I like it! Comic book names are cool..oh...don't tell anyone I said that!

Dan Mega:
I would be scared if that was coming towards my face though!

No, I didnt have to confess best girl already knows it all!

I like it! Has a nice ring to it!

Brian In Oxford:
Oh, I love how you have incorporated my favorite word!

George said...

The pic blew any sort of intelligence right out of my brain ... I do like Dykerson's ... Sugar Tits

Flyinfox_SATX said...

I think we should stick with the Ella theme here as it seems to be catchy. Jenny, for you, I say we should nickname you Breastarella! Between you and Asserella here you should be able to wreak havoc in any town!


Princess Extraordinaire said...

ALl I can say is that is just wrong on so many levels....

Jeanette said...

No matter who's ass may be overflowing on a seat you'll always have Asserella as yours.

EmRocks said...

I think I learned way more horrid things asserella. Now I know why you (excuse me I just puked in my mouth) love chicken noodle soup!

Mike M said...

Nickname one: Bow (because you hate bows)

Nickname two: J Dog (Your rapper name)

Anonymous said...

We play catch phrase when we go camping, you KNOW you want to run away with me....!

Anonymous said...

How bout the name "Tits McGee" or "Big Boobs McGee" ?

Ashley said...

I so would have cleaned up on that game. You are lucky I was out of town. Or maybe not as you would have most likely been on my team!

fatwonkkid said...

assarella...maybe it has something to do with Cinderella? Did you shove a glass slipper up your ass?