Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sit, Stay Home...Good Dog!

The Chicago City Council's Committee on License and Consumer Protection unanimously approved a proposed ordinance that would permit restaurants to allow dogs accompanied by their owners in outdoor seating areas such as sidewalk cafes and patios. I am really on the fence with this and not sure how I feel. Part of me, as a dog owner myself, doesn't have a problem with it and could care less...but the other part of me is really annoyed.

The problem I'm having is that dogs are not humans...they do not get the same rights as humans do. Why can't people leave their damn dogs at home if they go out to eat? I certainly wouldn't take my two dogs to a restaurant with me...there dogs...they'll be okay at home with their kibble! I love my dogs...and they were my babies before I got a real baby...but they are dogs! If we allow dogs into outdoor cafes and restaurants...why not cats, gerbils, ferrets, birds, snakes and other pets? Is that discrimination against other pets...I think so...and I think the cats of Chicago should rally together and strike for equal opportunity! Somebody call the NAACP!

I guess the major problem is not with the dogs exactly...but with the owners. People are fucking ignorant. The last thing I want when I go out to eat is some yappy fucking rat dog yipping and jumping around. I don't want to eat next to Paris Hilton's fucking rats! I don't want to watch some cunt bitch making love to her dog! I don't want dog hair in my food or to smell rank ass dog breath while I am eating. I don't want some fucking dog's tail whipping my leg and I definitely don't want to smell or see dog piss and shit where I am eating! People are rude and will bring obnoxious dogs that constantly bark and they won't think twice about it and they won't clean up after will get out of hand!
And what about people that are allergic to dogs? Yes, they have the choice to eat somewhere else...but what if that's their favorite restaurant? That's not fair to them! Now they can't eat there...because fucktards can't leave their "best friends" at home while they enjoy a meal! I think that's crap...and I think it's crap to say that those people allergic can just eat inside the restaurant then instead of sitting at the patio. So now dogs are taking precedence over humans? That's bullshit! Those allergic have to sit in the back of the restaurant so dog lovers can bring their damn dogs...someone go resurrect Rosa Parks...she's going to be pissed!

"The ordinance also would require that all dogs have proof of vaccinations and the animals would not be permitted to sit on a chair, table or counter. The dogs also would not be allowed to eat any food. In addition, on-duty employees could not touch the dogs and, if contact does occur, they would be required to wash their hands."

Yeah fucking right...those bullshit rules are going to be followed my ass! Are the wait staff going to check the vaccination records when they are seated? Are the Paris Hilton carbon copy bitches going to actually put their dogs on the ground and not in the chair next to them? Are people actually NOT going to feed their dogs the food? The answer is no...these rules are not going to be followed! And I sure as fuck wish you didn't have to tell someone in the food industry to wash their fucking hands...especially after touching dogs! that I wrote my feelings down...I'm not on the fence anymore...I think this is bullshit! Dogs should not be allowed in restaurants! Take your dog to the fucking dog park...not a restaurant! Leave your damn dog at home people, trust me, your dog will fogive you! I think if people can bring their dogs...then I should be able to bring my five foot ball python!
Those that support this ordinance and that would bring their dogs to restaurants might say that their dogs are like their children and if parents can bring kids then why can't they bring their dogs? Well...let me answer that for, dogs are not human and even if you love your dog its not a fucking child, and two, children shouldn't always be allowed in restaurants either! So leave your fucking dog home!

What do you think?


Loaf said...

I agree, restaurants are not the place for dogs.

Especially those pathetic little yapping things that just sit there shivering all the time...unless they're being served up on bed of rice with a glass of chianti.

George said...

This is a tough one jenn, especially after my post today LOL. Is it appropriate ... NO, is it conventional ... NO ... so let's just say ... let them bring their dogs to Chinese or Vietnamese restaurants .. maybe they dould have Fido for dinner.

As for eating nest to Paris Hilton's rats ... I agree but I wouldn't mind eating Paris Hilton

fatwonkkid said...

you can bring a dog to an outside restaurant/cafe, but not an inside one? what is the reason for that delineation? my bet is a sanitary condition. so if it is unsanitary to have a dog inside a restaurant, is it more sanitary to have that same dog outside while you are eating?

it would be fun to find those city council members, and bring your giant bull mastiff dog with you and eat right next to them at the outside cafe.

Brian in Oxford said...

next thing you know, ugly girls are going to be seated at restaurants, too. grrr....

Irish Mama said...

I used to work at an ice cream shop and on more than one occasion had to remind people (sometimes the SAME people REPEATEDLY) that dogs were not allowed.

I've also witnessed people taking their lovely dogs into retail stores and sitting them in the child seat of the cart. Which is where I put my CHILD.

Even if this ordinance doesn't pass people will still be disgusting, selfish assholes who insist upon bringing their dogs with them wherever they go. And I think they should be bitch-slapped with a peice of wet rawhide...cause that shit hurts. I'm just saying...


Slick said...

Jenny, how could you not love dogs??!

I mean, with some thick brown gravy and a dash of pepper, they're awesome!

Variant E said...

I agree, about time they restrict dogs from the restaurants... because the city won't let me take my pet crocodile anywhere (and he loves the little dogs; especially the short-haired chewy ones).

captain corky said...

I like to watch dogs kill each other. I also like to bet on dog fights. Please don't tell anyone. People tend to look down at this kind of behavior. It's considered to be anti-social behavior in some circles.

Michael Vick's friend.

Sgt said...

I like the python idea. This way, if the yappy dogs are allowed, the python can just eat them.

Its really a win win. The snake eats free and you eat in peace.

Stan!! said...

Michael Vick is an innocent man framed by Whitey. It's all a conspiracy, I tell ya.
Tough issue. I certainly don't want my crotch sniffed at by a jack russell or some other canine while seated outside my favourite sushi eatery. It would really throw my concentration...

Michael said...

Hmmm... having dogs in outside areas of restaurants seems OK to me. When you are seated outside, you're already signing on for traffic noise, passer-by conversation, bus exhaust, and a relaxed sort of experience. A dog isn't going to ruin your day out there.

Michael said...

Plus what anonymous said.

zen wizard said...

Well, all I can say is, we should keep licensed STRIP CLUBS canine-free.

Fido might lose it and try to hump the headliner's act and ruin "the moment" for everyone.

Dogs have a much more advanced immune system than humans; I am also concerned about "assertion of territory" vis-a-vis the strippers' pole. Dogs are color-blind, after all, and may perceive a strippers' pole as just a really thin and long fire hydrant.

Akelamalu said...

Definitely in agreement with you Jenny. It's not sanitary. I love dogs but I couldn't eat a full one and I don't want to be eating with one sitting next to me thankyou very much!

zen wizard said...

Oh, yeah: And Anonymous answers the question, "What if Dutch Schultz had done speed?"

Akelamalu said...

PS Anonymous seems to be suffering from verbal diahhorea - wouldn't want to be sitting next to him/her either!!

Sunshine said...

That was the wackiest, longest spam comment I have EVER seen!

And I agree, leave Fido at home.

Stan!! said...

Anonymous,just out of rehab, are we? I'm praying for you man. The war on drugs isn't working people...

RAFFI said...

the only food establishment where dogs should be served are in chinese restaurants.... with a side of white rice and hot and sour soup

RAFFI said...

btw, some anonymous douche is pasting stuff on peoples sites. he has hit you up too

Jenny! said...

Thanks for the heads up folks...the retarded anon. comment has been deleted!

Kelly said...

Crack is WHACK! but it is cheap...

Anonymous must be poor.

I have a wonderful dog, that I love dearly. She can stay at home. Do they not realize that restaurant are going to have to pay people to clean up SHIT now? That is just annoying! Who thinks this is a good idea? I can see the fights happening. Dogs barking too much, or begging for food at another person's table... that person not being a dog person and booting the little fucker... fights break out, and fiddo killed... then there are the lawsuits...

I hate people. For fuck's sake... do you hate yourself that much, that you have to drag a rat around all the time so that you feel better about yourself... or is it that you just need that much more attention... oh my... I feel a huge rant coming on... shoot me now.

mutleythedog said...

I am offended that you did not even seek my advice on this... Do you think dogs like restaurants? People fart like crazy... not nice.

Seriously, dogs should not be dragged into such places except for very short visits it doesnt suit them...

Jenny! said...

I hate the dogs that shiver...they make me sick! Don't forget the fava beans!

Yum...sweet and sour dog! I can't believe you would want to eat Paris Hilton...oh, George...what am I going to do with you?

I bet there will be some stupid extra rule that pit bulls aren't allowed at all!

Brian In Oxford:
Oh, that would be a travesty!

He he wanna throw wet raw hide at people with me??? That sounds like fun! You are so right...they do it now...that's what has spurred this whole ordinance thing...a way for hte city to make money off of dog friendly eatery licenses from the owners!

Do the big dogs taste better than the little ass ones...more tender meat?

Variant E:
NO, this is to ALLOW dogs in restaurants! They are going to pass this crap and let dogs in legally now! Aligator meat is pretty good by the way!

Vick's Friend:
I like to watch grown men tackle each other in a competition to see who can have the most concussions and loose as many brain cells as possible!

Good plan! I wonder if people would like watching me snake constrict the shit out of their dogs neck before it eats it whole!

Well if there were dogs under the table...your wife would have less room to manuver in your crotch region!

I agree with what you a dog owner...I dont really have a problem with it...but at the same time it seems a bit obnoxious when I really think about it.

Zen Wizard:
Plus its not fair that the dogs get easy access to look up at the strippers birth canal adnyou have to look like a perv bending over!

I love dogs too...I have two! I just don't find it necessary to have them eat with me in public!

Anon seemed to have all the answers!

Anon is a whacko!

Right...that anon comment was nuts! People need to masturbate more and spend less time writing crazy bull shit! And yes...leave fido home...good campaign slogan!

Anon is for sure on crack!

I like a bit of dog thrown in my egg rolls...yum! Anon. douches suck balls!

Girl...we are so on the same page! What if the dogs don't like each other and start some shit under the table knocking shit over! I would be pissed as a mofo! Keep ranting...I love it!

Jenny! said...

I can't believe I didn't ask my cute little doggy friend for adivice! So your saying that you will be okay at home if your owners go out ot eat?

Princess Extraordinaire said...

I agree with you and while I love dogs there needs to be a limitation to their accessability...

Stacie said...

You have a ball python??? That is so cool!

I'm on the fence about that one too..I love my dog more than most people I know, but he doesn't belong in a restraunt. He's not well enough behaved for that. I've seen lots of people here in DC with pets in the outdoor seating at restraunts and for the most part, they've been peaceful and well behaved, I've never seen a problem, sometimes I realize, people do not have a choice, but it's a rare occasion. I'd say designated seating.....

Rex Venom said...

I think Raffi has it right.
Rock on!

-Papa said...

What do you think?
I hear what you're saying about this Chicago Ordinance, but I'm totally cool with it. In fact the next time I'm in Chicago visiting my sister who happens to be the caretaker of the 15 year old family dog, I'll probably take him out to the closest restaurant with outdoor seating.

Jenny! said...

They dont need to be everywhere that humans are!

Yeah...I dont really mind, but I can see how it could get annoying to non-dog owners. I think designated section outside would be a smart idea...and have the other half for people without dogs outside! How smart!

Tastes like chicken!

For the most part I am cool with it too...I just can see how people wouldn't like it at all! I hope you will pick up after your elder dog! I dont mind dogs...its more the owners i have problems with!

Just Sayin' said...

Hmmmmm... I wonder where Michael Vick comes down on this issue???

Jeannie said...

I agree with you - NO DOGS (except guide dogs). It's bad enough people can take their kids to restaurants when they won't behave. Can you imagine an ill-mannered dog deciding he wants the steak that belongs to the gent at the next table?
I love dogs but it is totally unnecessary to take them out to dinner.

MyUtopia said...

They allow it in Europe and it actually isn't too bad. I certainly hope the owners hang on to their pets and they aren't walking around begging other tables for food. That would irritating.

Sarah said...

umm, I think my dog will be staying home. I realize restaurants are fun for people but I have to imagine that my dog would be bored shitless.

I am sure that watching me eat is not her favorite pasttime.

Want me to write a letter????

Jenny! said...

Just Sayin:
Well Vick would try ot get his dogs to fight and eat hte other runty probably not so good for other dogs!

Agreed on the obnoxious kid part!

I know, but I fear that around here people are more ignorant and wont pick up their dogs happens ALL THE DAMN TIME!

abstractjenn said...

I don't get this. When did dog's become the new freakin' accessory. Damn that Paris freaking Hilton. I have pretty serious animal allergies and this just pisses me off. Once again people thinking of no one but themselves. Do you know if I spend too much time near an animal I'm allergic too that I end up in the hospital? So now in addition to asking people before I visit them "do you have any pets" I know have to ask restaurants "do you allow animals" this is bullshit in every way shape and form.

Jenny! said...

It does seem cruel...let your animal salivate over the food that is EVERYWHERE while you enjoy and they sit there and watch you! Oh...can you please write a letter! I would so love that!

Its bullshit...the dogs are coming before a humans interest...there are dog parks and pet stores...that I am sure you have no problem wiht and dont go into...that people can take their dogs too...but why restaurants too!

Bugwit said...

Excellent. I have to buy my own computer and the fucking unibomber id provided one by the government.

Dyck!! said...

I enjoy dogs when I go out to eat. They taste a little like chicken.

Oh yeah, and I think it's time for you to turn on the word verification.

Mike M said...

OMG, I am sick!! Dog rights are now in the books.

Come get your award Jenny!

Josh said...

I have to agree with you that is just not right. I also agree about children in some cases too.

Well trained dogs and kids are ok but lots of owners/parents can't be trusted to respect those around them and it is those that piss me off enough to just say no.

Having said that, I once took a dog to a Vietnamese restaurant in Melbourne and they cooked him just right. Unfortunately I never got around to taking a baby there.

Superstar said...

I think in my next life I want to be a dog!

ADW said...

You know how I feel about evil yappy dogs. I will probably be in Chicago sometime in the next year and if I so much as spy a dog at any eating establishment I choose to grace with my presence, I will hunt the fuckers down and drop kick both the dog and it's stupid cuntbag owner.

That is what I think.

Tyler Durden said...

I'm not worried about the little chihuahua smashed against the plastic tits of some hot chick. Hot chicks with fake tits can carry the fucking AIDS monkey and I probably wouldn't complain much. I am worried about the 250 pound Saint Bernard that decides to take a squat next to me while delivering a giant, steamy pile of shit the size of a small baby, while I enjoy my bowl of chili.

Keshi said...

dogs at restaurants? WTF! I'd be so annoyed I'd ask em to leave. I love dogs but there is a place for everything!


Lady K said...

Holy SHIT, YES!!! I have a Queensland Heeler/Beagle mix. She is a GODSEND. I also raised COUNTLESS German Shorthair Pointers. THEY were AWESOME, and smart as FUCK. Lap dogs? They all think so. Take them everywhere? If it's an outdoor affair, sure!

I cannot fathom the primadonnas bringing their "precious" ankle-biters to the mall for "shopping and lunch."


Betty Boob Hug said...

I agree with you so much on this. Good for you not sitting on the fence. Dogs do not belong in restaurants or places where ppl eat. In France, they might argue this, but everywhere else, nooooo doggies.

Except in China where they actually eat their dogs.....

just jokes! sorry China!

Steph said...

Gross. People who treat their animals like humans have serious mental health issues. They are ANIMALS and should be treated as such.

Flyinfox_SATX said...

Jenny! - Yeah, I loved my dog too but restaurants are not the place for them. Unless, it is a niche restaraunt where it is expected that you bring your dog and that is how they advertise it. and any and all animals stay home.


Hammer said...

I like things they way they are, service animals only, not yippy stinking dogs pissing on my leg.

People can't even control their kids... and they want to bring in dogs? no way.

Jenny! said...

I don't get it?

Do you like white or dark meat?

Mike M:
Pathetic right! Will do!

I totally agree...owners/parents suck...and its not okay to bring obnoxious pets or children to places if you cant control them!

No kidding...dogs have got it good...except for Vick's dogs!

I love how you think! When you come to CHicago we should go out and kick cunts together!

Tyler Durden:
That should have grossed me out...but I kind of want chili now! Is that weird??? Plastic tits huh??? Whats wrong wiht nice juicy real ones???

Yep! Just because you love your dog doesnt mean the rest of the world loves it too!

Lady K:
Right...ankle biters are so not cute...and wine and dine wiht thank you!

Betty Boob Hug:
Ha ha! Good thing I don't live in France then!

Right on sista!

Thats a good idea actually...having like a dog themed restaurant where everyone that goes brings dogs...and then we can leave the regular eateries dog free!

It's such crap! I dont want pissing dogs or asshole kids where i eat!

BEAST said...

I agree 100 percent , its not the dogs per se its the sort of retard owner that would actually want to take their 'best friend' out for dinner.You just know they are going to be a complete pain to everyone , they will be the same ones that inflict there vile screaming children on the rest of us (If you cant control your Kids , keep them at home).
Actually I am formulating a plan any perspective parent should be made to have a dog first , if the dog cant behave after 6 months .....sterelise the adults involved , as the kids will be 100 times worse.
Beast For President!

electro-kevin said...

Stoopid idea.

Having said that I'd prefer a well behaved dog to a badly behaved kid anyday.

Michael C said...

Not the greatest of ideas. Besides, it would render the doggy bag useless.

Yoda said...

I actually don't care much for the ordinance ... I'm sure there will be individual restaurants which will prohibit dogs on premises. This will lead to division of the restaurant market, with two different groups competing for different clientele. People with dogs get places to go and eat, and people who don't like doggies (or their ignorant owners), can totally avoid them and go somewhere else!

BTW, doesn't Chicago have bigger problems to solve rather than making weird rules about doggies in restaurants?

captain corky said...

Hi Jenny.

chuckdaddy2000 said...

I wouldn't worry too much. I guess Portland already has this ordinance, since I've been to a few places where people had their dogs. But even for a dog-loving town, they are far and few between. I think even more than you, most restaurants won't want to deal w/ it.

The ones who have it though are fine (and are bar food not fancy), I mean you are outside. The only problem I had was when we brought our dog, and he chased after a little girl's ankles. So maybe you are right (although we were so humiliated we're never bringing him again).

Jenny! said...

You have my vote!

Absolutely...good dogs are much better than bad kids!

Michael C:
It would change the meaning of doggy bag...not more leftovers...but shit instead!

Um, yes Chicago has MUCH bigger problems thatn this dog shit...good point! We are also fighting about foie gras right now! I don't know what is wrong with these people...our train system is crumbling and we fight about foie gras and dogs!

Hi Corky!

I am not that worried about it as i dont frequent the places that are doing this anyway! No skin off my back! Just ranting in least your respectful enough to not bring your dog again!

Jeanette said...

You go girlfriend! My objection was completely with the shit that's going to be left everywhere by the dog owners. You know they're not going to clean it up. It's not fair to the waiter to clean it up, because that is sure not what they signed up for. I didn't even think of people's allergies and the complete unfairness to them. I love a tailed friend as much as the next person, but that is bullshit that they're saying dogs only. Shoot, I'm bringing our fish next time we go out.

Ed said...

I think the gold shimmery one would suit me nicely!


Kelly said...

OH! I had a thought. Let's go out to eat with a bunch of Pitt Bulls, German Shepards, Great Danes, and Rotweilers! Those idiots would change their tune but fucking quick!!!

Jenny! said...

If I step in shit...I will wipe my shoe on the dog owners fugly ass face!

A gold shimmery dog??? Or did you comment on the wrong post??? Either way I would pay to see it!

Good plan my man! I want to take Michael Vick's pit bulls!

Ed said...

Whoops scrolled down too far!

Ed said...

Ah, now I've read this thread and realised it's not the one about dresses I can throw in my 2 cents' worth:

There is only one way dogs should be allowed in restaurants.

Jessica said...

HOney i hate to say it, but that picture you posted of what you said was a five foot ball python, is in fact NOT a ball python and a columbian boa. Tsk. Next time you make a post about snakes, make sure there isnt someone out there that can tell the difference and know when you're fibbing.

kysibongdem said...

estimating softwaredata cabling engineerI agree, restaurants are not the place for dogs.

Especially those pathetic little yapping things that just sit there shivering all the time...unless they're being served up on bed of rice with a glass of chianti.