Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Gregory Despres arrived at the U.S.-Canada border carrying a chainsaw stained with what appeared to be blood, a homemade sword, a hatchet, a knife, and brass knuckles.

U.S. customs agents confiscated the weapons and then LET HIM IN the United States.

Is this a fucking joke...what kind of morons do we have working the border???

The new term ,vegansexual, was made up by a bunch of weirdo's after researching the lifestyles of 157 "cruelty-free consumers." They conducted interviews and found that many female respondents preferred to be intimate with other vegetarians and vegans rather than meat-eaters. Why? Because a meat-eater's body is "made up of animal carcasses."

Some other lady says that there's a correlation between what you eat and sexual pleasure, especially when it comes to vegans. "Vegans are the strictest of the group and they tend to be not only the strictest in dietary choices, but also in who they let into their lives," this lady says. "I see more vegan-vegan couples than I do vegetarians and flexitarians."

What the fuck is a flexitarian?

I fucking love meat!

I am tired of all this vegan crap! If you are a vegan, fine...I don't care what people eat and I don't criticize them for it...but don't tell me I am wrong for enjoying meat! I don't tell you that you are wrong for being a fucked up idiot! I hate people that try to shove shit down your throat because that is what they is a free fucking country....I will eat meat, and I will eat it in front of your fucking face! And I don't care! Deal!

Yum, cow is delicious!

These pictures are for all the vegans that want to criticize my lifestyle choices! It's my life, stay the fuck out of it!


Yoda said...

The same kind who work at the IT dept. for the State of Ohio!!

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I agree.
There are so many good reasons NOT to be vegetarian.
One reason is that meat tastes GOOOOD.
It tastes good, because we are meant to it.
Otherwise, it'd taste like crap. That's how our tastebuds work.

In fact, we have been meat eaters for two million years. We evolved our increased brainsize as a result of our new carnivorous predatory way of life.
The cycle being, more protein needed for big brain, big brain heklps catch more protein.
Humans are not meant to live without protein.

Hitler was a vegetarian.

Jenny! said...

Fucking MORONS!!!!!

Glad you agree! Meat rules!

Yoda said...

How come I didn't read the meat part before? It seems blogger's full of morons too!

Flexitarian? Gosh, that's got to be the gay word for omnivores!

BTW, have you heard of fruitarians? Some people will only eat the fruit that's fallen on the ground.

I think I may faint.

Jenny! said...

It was partly Blogger partly me being special! They only eat the fruit off the ground, b/c why, its painful for the trees to have it picked???!!! OMG!

blog Portland said...

Always about meat with you, isn't it? I'm pretty sure I've made this observation about you before...

Oh, and you're an asshole.

Jenny! said...

Blog Portland:
Yeah, yeah, always comes back to meat! I can't help it...I love meat...and sausage! You are going to make me cry!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I am going to share this imformation... but here goes...

Did you know the more fruits and veggies you eat the sweeter things smell and taste? No... really...I am totally serious!

Certain body fluids taste sweeter, and it cuts down on BO, too.

Eating meat makes certain things taste more sour.

I am a meat eater as well... but I am just sayin'... maybe that is why they only like vegetarians.

Anonymous said...

oh! and btw... that guy is fucking creepy looking, and that is absolutely ridiculous... did they ever get him back, and was it human blood???

Paul Champagne said...

Mr Despres was just exercising his freedom of speech. It would not have been politically correct to keep him out of the country.

It is much more correct for airport security to frisk some 80yr old grandma before she boards a flight than to stop actual terrorists ... more correct but totally assinine.

And I second blog portland's question ... what is it about you and meat?

Jenny! said...

Yeah, I know what men eat changes the taste of their spunk...the more meat they eat...the more protein you get! Bonus!!! Pinapple is great!!! And I have no idea about the creepy dude!

Jenny! said...

I probably don't have the whole story, but how is havign a bloody chainsaw related to freedom of speech??? And, I don't really knwo about the meat thing..i just like it!

-Papa said...

Even if Vegans are with other Vegans, if they practice oral sex then guess, what? VEGANS DO EAT MEAT!

Jenny! said...

Next time I meet a vegan, i will ask!

Charlie said...

ok im so not into red meat. but i cant do without white meat. or fish. something so succulent about it. if the world exploded and i had to pick it, forage, or kill it, id be ok. nothing else touches this palate. (ok so yeah. i have a chinese takeaway about once every 6 kill me). otherwise its fresh! ever gbeen to paris where the meet is seriously crawling off your plate. thats just wrong dude.

Christie said...

I thought fruitarian was a made up thing for the moving Knotting Hill. I didn't know there were retarded people that believe that shit.

Gledwood said...

Was that actually the guy's photo or one you dragged up??!? Come on be honest with me... wow I didn't realize American customs/border ppl were getting as wet as the British ones. The only people who don't get into Britain seem to be certain black rappers ...

Anyway Jenny how are you?? Long time no see sorry I have been highly distracted in the past month bc I had housing problems. Hope all's fine wid u tho

take it e.z.


Mighty Dyckerson said...

Try Dyck...The Other White Meat.

(Actually, it's more pink than white.)

Anonymous said...

I DO think I want to marry you

Nocturnal said...

Now there's a guy anyone would love as their neighbour - NOT. As for cows, damn straight. Gotta luv the meat.


Keshi said...

That guy looks like a Chainsaw come alive. Freaky!

**Why? Because a meat-eater's body is "made up of animal carcasses."

LOL I hate when the 'divine' vegetarian shoves their opinions down my throat. I have alot of Vegetarian acquaintances who always tell me that Im so 'bad' for eating meat etc etc. I hv often told em to fuck off...and now I yawn as they to my hand!

I LOVE MEAT...Im made to eat meat cos humans r carnivorous! If we were meant to eat grass, we wud have ended up with 4 legs and white spots all over.


Flyinfox_SATX said...


Go ahead and find my Barbecue has all types of Variety of meat.

Here...let me make it easy for them:

I am so with you on that. From one carnivore to another...tell those fuckin Vegan...they can eat my meat!


random moments said...

Man, those were some great comments.

I agree with Crushed - we were meant to eat meat and there are major benefits from it.

I am dying over here at Kelly's comment, but I've heard that before too! Still, can't help it - this female loves her meat.

DoGGa said...

LOOOL - go Jenny go!

Funny as fuck rant, well done and very true :]

captain corky said...

I can't stop laughing at Gregory Depres. What a fucking freak!

I heart meat.

Crashdummie said...

geez. its a mad world i tell ya.

geez x 2! You shouldnt shovel your beliefs (or carrots) down ppls throat.

i can just feel the rage - no wonder there is an award waiting for you at Crashed Site :p

Anonymous said...

You know how to make an old dog happy! Yummy meat!

Akelamalu said...

Gregory Despres - it is a joke yes? It's gotta be!

I love meat too! I have nothing against vegetarians, vegans, moonies, mormons or any other group as long as they don't try to force their opinion on me!

NamesAreHardToPick said...

I have no problem with eating meat as long as the companies I am buying meat from humanely kill the animals. But there are certain meats I don't eat, because I do have problems with. Nonetheless, there isn't anything morally wrong with eating meat especially if you are choosing companies that are humane in the first place.

You need to rant more Jenny; lovin' it.

James said...


Em has left the following message in the comments section of my blog:

"Jenny - just wanted to apologise for not visiting your blog - work have twigged that some of your content is, erm, "explicit" and prohibited me from accessing your blog - I'm having withdrawl symptoms...will endeavor to check you out when at home - hope all is well :)"

Sunshine said...

Mmmmmmm, I love me some dead cow.

ADW said...

Shit girl, you really are trying to start a blogging war for PETA attention. I bow out - you win!!! I did get one hate comment for the Shih Tzu rant. I

Jenny! said...

That's cool...but you don't try to shove it down my throat...I understand the whole thing, but I hate when people try to force me!

The one thing I have learned is that there are boatloads of retarded people that will believe ANYTHING!!!

Yep....that's the real picture! Glad you came back! Have you been having water issues with all the flooding?

The pink meat is the most important meal of the day...more important than breakfast!!!

You just like me for my meat!

If he was my neighbor I would be wearing diapers b/c I would shit my pants everytime I saw him! Yummmy Cows!

EXACTLY! You are so right on! Mooo!

I will make sure to tell them that your meat is all natural!

Random Moments:
Kelly cracks me up! And Crushed is so right on with his comment! We should eat meat together sometime!

Thanks! I hate fuckers!

He is a scary ass motherfucker right! Give you nightmares! I heart meat too!

Yeah! Exciting! People can do whatever they want to themselves, but the minute they start trying to shove it down my's fucking over!

Dogs will eat anything...their own shit on occasion!

Akelamalu:'s not a joke...that's what is so fucked up! And totally agree, do what you want with your body...but don't try to fuck with mine!

I will be sure to do more rants for you! That's cool that you choose the humane kill companies, and you don't force others to do the respect that people are different and you don't try to force your beliefs on them! I won't force you to eat shouldn't force me to not eat it! FYI: Veal is gross!

Thanks for being the comment peddler! I miss her!

Nothing beats cooked cow!

Jenny! said...

Really...a hate comment! Fuckers!
I have neighbors across the street from me that have PETA a joke, we took a stuffed animal and covered him in food coloring and left it on their car window...he he he! Actually not really...but that's what I wanted to do!

electro-kevin said...

If we aren't meant to eat animals then why are they made of meat ?

Loved Papa's comment about the vegans - ha ha.

Regarding the loonatic allowed across your border what you don't seen to realise in America is that Tony Blair gave up British border controlls when he came to power. As a result Britain has changed beyond recognition and the CIA call London 'Londonistan' because of the foothold that Tony Blair has enabled Al Qaeda in our country. So count yourselves lucky. Your border controlls aren't perfect but we in the UK can only dream of having them.

MONA said...

Yeah you are right! Its a free world! Yaayyy!

Charlie said...

thought id reply reading Mark Haddon's 'a spot of bother'. He wrote 'curious incident of the dog in the nighttime' too. Its such a funny read so i highly recommend it!

Jenny! said...

Good question!

And we are all free to make our own choices about food we eat!

I liked Spot of Bother much better then Curious Incident!

electro-kevin said...

The Curious Incident ...

Made my favourite list in my blog profile, Charlie.

true blue said...

Hi Jenny : Here`s one for the Veggies ! As we`re having friends round for a barbie on Sat, so I thought you`d like to share my menu !
Griddled King Scallops wrapped in Proscuitto
Flamed Welsh Black Sirloin Steaks with Oregano and Garlic Butter with
Big Fat Baked potatoes Sour Cream and Chives
Warm Salad with Chicken Livers,Smokey bacon,Pinenuts and drizzled with raspberry dressing
Summer pudding and Cornish clotted Cream. Tiramissu.
Brandy Sours, Asorted beers and lots and lots of wine (vegetarian of course)!

Every veggie I`ve met has been veeery strange !

Em said...

i think that's odd about vegans and who they will/won't shag...I only know one vegan and he's a tad odd but a nice guy. He's also randy as fuck and screws anything that moves, regardless of their appetite...hmm

fatwonkkid said...

there is a butcher near my house and they have specials. for $75 i bought about 30 pounds of assorted meats. it was so awesome, i took a picture

Dark Pixie said...

lol...this was totally great. i love it!


Keshi said...

baaa baaa :)