Thursday, August 02, 2007

Three and Four!

I got another two awards and it's my favorite color!

A big hug to The Diva's Thoughts and Crashdummie for passing along this award to me because..."Jenny's stories are funny as all get out! She also has the cutest little boy." and "Simply for being her! She is so refreshingly politically incorrect and says whatever it is on her mind. Just gotto love that attitude!"

I feel so very loved! So when I get one more award there will be a big party at my house, with wine, cake, assorted cheeses, guacamole, meat (of course), beer (I guess), and maybe if you are all really really good...a donkey show!

So here are my five Rockin' Girls!

Sarah - You are the reason that I have a blog. If it weren't for you...I would never have meet all these wonderfully awesome blog people! Thanks! You rock!

Ashley - You are a fucking great friend and you have the most wonderful sarcasm! You rock!

Kelly - You write posts that are fantastically entertaining! You spill your heart and are a brave soul! You rock!

ADW - You are the funniest female writer I have read and aren't afraid to kick dogs! You are a girl after my own heart! You rock!

Snowelf - You are a fantastic writer, great story teller and kick ass mom! You rock!

All you other bad ass chicks (you know who you are)...I love you too!!!

Since this is a girl power sort of post...please help me welcome a few new female bloggers:

Lucy...Visit her blog The Quest for Comic Stardom and get a good laugh! This girl is trying to break out into the standup comedy industry and needs our help!


Emily...Visit her blog EmRocks for no reason other than she's my little sister...and if you don't I will kick your ass!

Chicks Rule!


Yoda said...

Jenny, you totally deserve another award -- for knowing all the cool words like muffin top and swalls!


Em said...

well done hun...taking the blogosphere by storm...

Heart Of Darkness said...

Congrat's, for the, like, hundred time! LOL

You awarded, or you awarded? Tons, babe! LOL

blog Portland said...

Your sister's page is enthralling.

Jenny! said...

He he he! Swalls!


Heart of Darkness:
4th...4th time!

Blog Portland:
I know...I didn't realize that she has NO clue how to work it!

Anonymous said...

OMG!! Thank you!

I would like to thank my mom, my dad, my sisters and their kids, my second grade teacher...what's her face... ummmm... my exhusband... his suckdom rocks the blog occassionally...uhhhhh... my DOG!! Emily! And to the fans!! I love you all!! *takes a curtsy, stands up and wipes check from face. Regains composure and gives the ROCK sign! Sticks out tongue and head bangs a bit*


Ashley said...

This is a very special moment for me. I am so glad the rest of the world will know what a great friend I am, too. Now, if I can only be half as funny as you!

Congrats on all of the awards. I look forward to your blog everyday, as do so many others.

The [Cherry] Ride said...


Airam said...

Chicks do rule! The girl awards are so much cooler than the boy awards!

random moments said...

Chics rule, boys drool! (I'm 12 today.)

Jenny - you are seriously popular! I so envy your great blogginess. *bowing*

Kelly, great speech!!

istanbultory said...

Jenny,greetings from sultry Istanbul... where the sweat is literally pouring off my balls.
Many congratulations on your swirling flurry of blogging success.The recognition is well deserved-Yours is one of the few kick ass female blogs I frequent on a regular basis.
Still I feel sad to report that there is no sign of an Istanbul branch of "The Pleasure Chest" opening up any time soon....

Charlie said...

you deserve the award!! YAY to you!!

Hye, mark haddon. A friend of mine is doing a literary course in september for a week and he's one of the tutors. NOt a temp tutor or anything but one of the main ones. How cool i that??! i reckon he would be an absolute hoot with his observances on life. He's brilliant.

Christie said...

Holy crap, woman! You are on a roll! Congrats, again, for like the 100th time this week!

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

Se, you're all grown up now, Jenny!


snowelf said...

Awww! Thank you Jenny!!! I am so taking you out to lunch!!
Does next summer work for you?? ;)


Mighty Dyckerson said...

Where is my Rockin' Dude award??! This is sex discrimination! Now have sex with me!!!

Hammer said...

Yep you deserve it!

Good job :)

BEAST said...

Oh Girl power is it ????
I feel my testicles shrivelling already.

Well done anyhoooo

Variant E said...

I agree, this is sexual discrimination. And sometimes I'm even discriminating about who I have sex with...sometimes.

George said...

Yawn ... stretch ... oh ... did you win something?

Keshi said...

WOW congratts Jen!


Shibari said...

Girlie... I love that you get awards.. you deserve em'
*hugs and smooches*

The inside of me said...

I love all you divas.

Akelamalu said...

Congratulations you really deserve the awards.

captain corky said...

Congrats Jenny! Your blog kicks ass. Still laughing at the freak below.

Sassy Blondie said...


Jenny! said...

Great speech!

Thanks! And your welcome!

The Cherry Ride:
Thanks dude!

Girls are so much cooler!

Random Moments:
Don't hate...appreciate! Thank you!

Well thanks! I hate when sweat pours off my balls too. You need to make a trip to the Chicago Pleasure Chest then!

Thank you! That is cool! Can you tell your friend to tell him that I said I liked Spot of Bother! Or would that make it weird for yourfriend?

I promise it won't happen again!

If awards makes me a grow up...then I don't want the awards!!!

I have already penciled you in! So, are you moving ot Chicago???

Oh, If I must!


Can you do a mangina dance for me?

Variant E:
As long as they have a pulse right?

I know, It's boring...I'm sorry!

Thanks chica!

Hugs and smooches right back at you!

Inside of Me:
And the diva's love you too!


You kick ass!

Sassy: are you doing?

ADW said...

How did I totally miss this post? Anyway, thanks for the nod. Funny? Hmm.... I'm a workin' on it.

Much love to you too, you nasty beyotch - it's why I love ya so much.

Fever Dog said...

Is Don a big fan of donkeys, then?

Nocturnal said...

Congrats you rocker you, that's pretty cool.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

I'm confident you'll evacuate everyone to safety in the event of a terrorist attack. I've recently been appointed to distinguished position of Administer of Terror Defense at the Wendy's on Ashland Avenue.

~d said...

Where do you find/make time for your wonderful blogging?!

Lucy said...

I had no idea you wrote about me in your post! Thank you! And you deserve that award! In the divine words of RuPaul, "You better WORK it, girl!"