Monday, August 20, 2007

I Need A Day Off!

I am so fucking busy, aggravated and annoyed at work that I want to claw the eyes out of the next person that asks me a stupid fucking question or even opens their mouth in my prescence!
I hope everyone had a fan-fuckin-tastic weekend!
I will try to catch up with everyone soon!
You all better miss me!


Dyck!! said...

If I ever open my mouth around you, I hope you stick a boob in it!

captain corky said...

I miss you very much. I was having a blue Monday with you. Do you miss the Captain?

Stan! said...
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Stan! said...

If Dyck gets one boob, what can I hope for?

Yoda said...

Come back soon Jenny, we all miss you! I might lend you my claws in case you wear yours out on those bitches!!

Just Sayin' said...

I guess it would be wrong of me to tell you I have a short week this week huh???

Well guess what???

I have short work week!!!

God that felt good...

Brian in Oxford said...

Where the heck do you get all your pictures from, anyway?

Go tell TPTB to f-off, you're taking a three-hour Blog Lunch! (Dan Mega face-sucking not included....)

Kelly said...

oh... good. I didn't miss much. I didn't get to check the blog until now!

Are you eye gouging the other secretaries?

honkeie2 said...

HAHA damn you dyck! I was going to say that!
I feel you on the busy front and I did have a fan-fuckin-tastic weekend. I got laid like 6 times this weekend, fucking great!

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I always take my holiday during World Cup or European Championships.

Otherwise, I mainly just use my holiday up on long weekends.

Slick said...

Remind me not to ask for a paper clip....

Loaf said...

Yes we miss you! (although I'm too afraid to say otherwise after that!)

blog Portland said...

Somebody better call her a wahmbulance!

Willow said...

You and I seem to be having similar days! Hope yours got better, mine is still--well you said it best yourself!!

fatwonkkid said...

Weekend was rockin', with pictures soon to come!

BEAST said...

**** peeps out from behind sofa****


Honsetly what a big girl :-)

Mistress Empyrean said...

Weekend. I wonder why I look forward to those sometimes.

Heart Of Darkness said...

I know that feeling... *sigh*

But hey, maybe this will cheer you up - there's at least a dozen people out there envying you at this very moment, moi included! ;)

Charlie said...

can always guarantee you to say how it is when i come here and i LOVE that!! glad you liked the prickly lke how my eyes have felt all messy weekend. back to sensible now thank gawd.

stop clawing peoples eyes out and come back here and vent!! ;)

Flyinfox_SATX said...

Man! A week without you bloggin and commenting? I am gonna go cold turkey here!

Trust me, you will be missed!


Cece said...

That was me last Thursday. I went home and got drunk with my sister. I felt so much better. I think I'll quietly tie a little one on tonight, too, wanna join me? ;-)

Jenny! said...

Will do, and if I ever open my legs around you will you stick a cock in it?

I do miss the Mondays suck elephant dick dude! I hope we are in better spritis tomorow!

You can get the othe boob...or my ass! Whichever you prefer!

My claws will be worn down pretty good today...I won't be gone long...shit, I am back already!

Just Sayin:
Why don't you say that to my fucker! I hate make me cry!

Brian In Oxford:
Three hour blogging lunch would be sweet, but I like to do my blogging on company time!

I wish!

You are such a have like 3 kids...6 times in two days isn't possible...unless of course you don't sleep...but shit...I like to sleep! I have two boobs ya know!

Unfortunately, I am not actually taking a day off...too much work for that baby doll!

Oh, If someone asked for a damn paperclip...I would personally show them to the supply room, shut the door behind us and beat the fucking hell out of them!

Go change your pants and come back and tell me how much you miss me again babe!

Blog Portland:
For me or for those that think it's safe to speak to me?

My day is improving...I hope yours does the same! Thanks for you comment!

Damn bragger! I want to see pictures...there not of your cats are they???

Thanks for hiding with me! Sorry that you wet your pants but don't feel bad...I did too!

Mistress Empyrean:
Right, sometimes they just outright suck balls!

Heart of Darkness:
That did cheer me up...not sure why I am envied...but that works! Thanks!

That was a great pic! I have no censor, so what I write is alwasy how it is in my mind! Thanks for being so cheery!

Not a week boy! A day! I am already back...I can't keep away from you guys...your all so addicting!

Yes please...does 8pm work for you? Can you have your husband grill for us, or is that asking too much?

The Man at the Pub said...

I'm a bit scared to comment. Hope all goes well soon. Failing that, a cup of tea and a lie down always works in Australia.

mutleythedog said...

See you are very tetchy again - I still have the massage balls and that oil and the little t-lights you know... I hope you do not mind that I work topless when I massage...

Hammer said...

No questions here ;)

The [Cherry] Ride said...

I needed your pissed off attitude Saturday night to help me annoy the douchebags at House of Blues.

George said...

J .. it goes without saying that I (we) miss you. Where would we be without your humor, sarcasm and sympathy?

Ashley said...

Is this better than being bored at the old position? I certainly miss your blogging.

Dan Mega said...

Sorry, bad days suck.

The Diva's Thoughts said...

I know how you feel.

Jenny! said...

Pub Man:
I don't mean to be scary!

Topless massages are the only way to get them!

So smart you are! Thanks!

Cherry Ride:
Well next time an invitation would help! Ha...I am at your service!

So sweet you are! I doubt anyone would miss my that is non-existent anyway!

I am still at the old position...I haven't been moved over yet!

Dan Mega:
They do!

Diva's Thoughts: too? We should all get together and drink...I bet we would all feel better!

Keshi said...

Missing ya already Jen..

take it easy.


snowelf said...

Jenny, you'll feel better once you kick everyone's asses a few more times. Or maybe if Bale stops by your office. ;)

love ya and miss ya!


Bugwit said...

Okay, I promise not to ask any stupid questions.

Did you have a nice day today?

My eyes!!!

Dyck!! said...

Only if you promise to write one sentence without an exclamation point at the end!

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Ummmmmmm, that's a damn, creepy picture of the doll.

Josh said...

Did you go somewhere? Sorry didn't notice you were gone..

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! said...


jford said...

Jen, of course we miss you! I tought you finally found Christian and worked off some that sexual tension!

Nocturnal said...

Enjoy the time off and live a little young lady.


Jenny! said...


If Bale came by my office...I would die!

My day ended better than it started yesterday...always wear goggles around me!

Honestly, I don't think I could do's like a bad habit I can't stop. Periods just seem so plain and non expressive. Do you like this better? Hey, my last comment to you ended in a question mark butthole!

Dr. Noisewater:
Thats the little girl from Monsters Inc. movie.

No, I didn't go anywhere. I wish I wasn't working, but I was busy as fuck.

Your an asshole!!!!

No, unfortunatley Christian is gone...without me.

Thanks...I will.

RAFFI said...

claw away... eyes are overrated.

Jeanette said...

You can always come work with me and we can gouge everyone's eyes out together