Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Am I Insensitive?

More than 100 people are confronting Chicago police after a teen was shot and killed Monday night. The 18 year old boy was coming out of a store when police approached him to ask him a few questions. The boy flashed a gun and ran. The officers pursued him, one officer shot him in the shoulder and he died. A loaded 9 mm semi-automatic weapon was recovered at the scene. The boy's family said, " he had been in jail a few times but that he did not deserve to be shot."

You may all find me insensitive after what I have to say, but so be it! I don't feel sorry for the ADULT...he is no boy...and I hate that the newspapers and media keep calling him a boy. A boy implies that he was young and not matured. This male is NO innocent boy! He was carrying a LOADED semi-automatic weapon and has been in jail before. Now, I don't think that anyone deserves to be shot...but give the fucking cops a break...he had a weapon, was resisting questioning, running from the scene. I also don't think that the police were attempting to kill him, but they weren't close enough to use a taser gun. Honestly...good riddance...one less criminal on the street! I wish people in the community could work with law enforcement instead of fighting with them. It pisses me off that people are in outrage about this shooting...fuck that! I am sure he would have been a model citizen...carrying a loaded weapon!

*** Maybe I am just really crabby because it is so fucking humid that I would shoot someone over a cool spot on the train!


Hammer said...

Yep 18 is no boy and an armed criminal at that.

I think he deserved to be shot. That's one less POS robber rapist, murderer on the street.

Irish Mama said...

The second he flashed a gun at the cops and took off, he ceased any chance to be called a boy and became a criminal. Our bleeding-heart society needs to get over it!

~~Irish, wishing society would get up in arms about something that matters!

chuckdaddy2000 said...

I'm about as bleeding heart as you can get, but I'm on the cops sides on this (although not celebrating anyone, even a criminal, being murdered).

I think police have a very difficult job and they need to be watched, but that we can't assume every death they cause is an atrocity of justice. They have guns, the criminals have guns, most unfortunately, these things will happen. If there's a pattern of police doing this in a city, then get on the cops. But one incident (have there been many others in Chicago?) does not make a pattern.

istanbultory said...

He was carrying a loaded semi-automatic weapon and resisted questioning.Then I have no sympathy for the guy. We'll all survive without his presence on the planet.Has the Rev Al Sharpton arrived at the scene yet?
Sweet thang, you do sound angry....I suspect the office bitches are as much a factor as the humidity. Am I right?

Anonymous said...

Would you like a little massage - I am in the mood and could be with you in a jiffy...

random moments said...

This kind of stuff infuriates me too. People expect cops to keep the streets free of crime and to make them feel safe, but then they run off at the mouth at situations like this.

The boy's family said, " he had been in jail a few times but that he did not deserve to be shot."

Well, how many times does he need to go to jail to be considered a man or a threat to people's safety??

Brian in Oxford said...

Are there cool spots on the train?

Paul Champagne said...

And the winner is ....

The human gene pool.

One less maggot to pro-create.

Christie said...

I have no sympathy for that man. Honestly, if you are dumb enough to flash your gun to the police, you are too stupid to be here.

Mighty Dyckerson said...

I hate cops almost as much as criminals...maybe more. The pigs get really grumpy if they can't find someone to use for target practice every now and then. And if one of them fucks up, the others will be there to cover for them.

Michael5000 said...

Knowing no more than what you've said here, I'd say that it really sucks that a young person got killed.

But, when you are armed and running from the cops, it is not reasonable to expect that you won't get shot.

Police Departments aren't perfect, and community leaders are right to keep an eye on them, but when they pretend that the death of an armed, running man is an unfathomable tragedy, they aren't doing anyone any good.

Cece said...

You know what? I don't think you're being insensitive at all. I HATE that crap. I may get flamed for this but i don't care, I'm tired of people playing the "race card". Living in L.A. we see/get this shit all the time & its annoying!!

My opinion is its always a tragedy when a young person dies. Always. But seriously? WTF did he think by pulling out a gun on Cops? Fucken idiot.

fatwonkkid said...

flashing a weapon and running from cops is kinda illegal. although shooting someone in the back, even if that person had a weapon, might not be considered all too kosher.

personally i think cops really get the short end of the stick. it is their job to protect us from people that hate them, want to kill them, and are dangerous. yet they have to do it with a smile, and have to be 100% positive (or worse be attacked) the person is about to injure them or civilians before they can defend themselves or us.

it would be real interesting to keep a public record of cop haters. then the cops should refuse to protect/serve those cop haters. let's see how fast they change their tunes.

George said...

I agree .. while it is terrible that a young man was killed, why did he run? Because he has been jailed and has a fear of the cops because he has done something felonious and hasn't been caught yet?

I think the main reason for the tumult (and this is the first heard of the story) is the pic you posted ... he was a black man wasn't he? Immediately, the Chicago cops are racist ... I am certain they have been saying ... he wouldn't have been killed if he were white.

I am sorry for the black people and the horrid way they have been treated over decades ... but enough with the racist crap. You are not the victims all the time because of your race.

If I pulled a gun on a copy you can be sure that I would be the one dead right now.

Nocturnal said...

I couldn't agree more with one step further, some people simply should not breed if they don't possess the means to raise their children up in proper environments.

Keshi said...

Anybody who carries a weapon like that isnt a BOY...only a CRIMINAL.


snowelf said...


Hell no, you're not insensitive.
It's sad someone had to die, but equally as sad he was sporting around a weapon like that for whatever reason he felt he needed it for.


Yoda said...

You gotta be STUPID to expect that the cop won't shoot. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Loaf said...

I'm with you on this one; if you're innocent, don't run! Can't blame the cops for doing their job.

Gorilla Bananas said...

I think you should let Mutley give you that massage. After he's done, I could hold you upside down by your ankles if you wanted.

Fever Dog said...

I think you have a point

phishez_rule said...

They're objecting to his age. I mean, any person who get killed by the police is a tragedy, but the police are there to keep the peace. What would have been the outcry if he had've gone and murdered someone a day or two later?

Anonymous said...

I have scented oils...?? and some nice mood music..? Mr GB is frighteningly strong...??

BEAST said...

Your not wrong Jenny! , serves the fecker right.

Re Mr Mutleys massage offer , we both know hes got it all wrong ,scented oils pffffft , Cleaning freaks like us need a good scrub down with neat bleach and a bit of hot mop action ,mind you MR Bananas offer sounds a laugh (I think he just wants to get a peak up your skirt )

Akelamalu said...

I agree with you Jenny, anyone carrying a gun is no innocent and deserves everything they get.

NamesAreHardToPick said...

Boy? He's like 18. Last time I checked, that's when you become an adult. And right, this guy has a gun and runs?

Secondly, how do you die after being shot in the shoulders?

captain corky said...

It's been hot as balls here too. Even at 10:30 at night if feels like it's in the 90's.

I get tired of all the bullshit in the news so I don't even watch. It just depresses me and makes me angry. Fuck that.

Jenny! said...

I totally agree with you!

Irish Mama:
Our bleeding-heart media needs to be more realistic too!

I am the LEAST bleeding heart you can get...of course there have been other deaths by cop in CHicago, but nothing unlike any other metropolitan area...and nothing beyond reasonable either.

Istanbul Tory:
Ha ha...Rev. Al Sharpton and Jesse-fucking-Jackson are on their way I am sure! I am angry today...thanks for noticing...and yes...the office bitches are adding to it!

I would love a massage! Hurry up!

Random Moments:
I find it ridiculous that people expect cops to help them, work with the community, when they are treated like shit when they actually do some good by killing a criminal!

Brian In Oxford:
When the air conditioning is working properly...and you get to sit close to it! Sometimes it smells like piss so being cool is not alwasy a good thing!

Yeah...I am all for killing maggots who should not pro-create!

Word! Criminals are fucking idiots!

I would support cops target practice...especially if they did it in prisons, to rapists, to gangbanger, etc...I would actually like ot help!

What I posted is what I know from the paper...I dont need to know anymore honestly, he flashed his fucking weapon at cops...shoot the fucker! I am not sad at all, people being killed sucks, but sometimes they deserve what they get!

Thank you for saying it...the "race card" is probably the thing that pisses me off the worst...I actually posted about it a while ago! I fucking hate that shit. My fiance is a minority (half at least) and he agrees wiht me, its absolutely fucking ridiculous...how do you expect to improve your community when you hold yourselves back by blaming your problems on your skin color, you just hold yourself back and other people will do the same because of your skin color, if you just dont make a deal of it, others wont either...stop calling attention to things that make you look like fucking idiots!

That's a good idea, when they call to report a burglary at their home...the cops couldbe like, well you witheld information b/c you hate us...so, we arent going ot help you find your buglar! That would put the cops at the same level as cop-haters...so that wouldnt be too good!

Agreed, its not about race! The mother fucker had a weapon...I dont care who or what you are...you should be shot by police if you flash your loaded weapon and run from the scene...If I did taht, I would be in the same place as that motherfucker!

I am a fan of mandatory sterilization...I think I might be a minority that feels this way, but shit...I know a TON of people that should be sterilized!

Regular boys dont carry loaded weapons, and you dont carry loaded weapons if you are doing legal activities!

Yeah, death is sad, but it happens and who better for it to happen to than a criminal piece of shit!

Fuckig idiots...I just dont get why people are shocked over this! Anyone of those protesters would have done the exact same thing if they were in the cops shoes!

Absolutely...its their job to get scumbags off teh street...they got one off! Yeah cops!

Gorilla B:
I am waiting for Mutley to get here...of course I would let him massage me...and then you can hold me by my ankles...and look up my skirt!

Fever Dog:
I know I havea point!

Phishez_rule said:
They would have blamed the schools and teachers! It's never the parents fault that their kids a fucking piece of shit...alwasy blame someone else!

Mmmmmmm, scented oils! Are you on your way yet??? I am waiting!

I love the smell of bleach...however; I would never say no to a rub down! You can clean me off when Mutley's done!

Thanks, I thought that I might get ripped for saying that...but I am pleasantly surprised!

Thats a bit questionable, I think he bled to death by the time the paramedics got there. Oh well!

Its hotter than satan's asshole here! I am miserable! I dont watch the news at all, but I read the Tribune online everyonce and awhile...this caught my attention. I tend to stay away from news b.c like you...i get too fucking angry about things!

Anonymous said...

We shoudl chalk this one up to suicide. He flashed a loaded weapon at cops and ran. He was asking to be shot... and so I conclude it was suicide.

Are they going to be freaking out because the paramedics didn't get there in time now?

I'm waiting for that one... I know it's coming...

People are fucking ungrateful.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

You may be right, but could a solution have been found that didn't involve someone getting shot?

Those who knew him close are bound to ask that.

Lord Nazh© said...

chuckdaddy2000: self-professed bleeding heart :)

You take the cops side wich is good, yet you say "(although not celebrating anyone, even a criminal, being murdered)"

Calling this a murder suggests that maybe you don't take the cops side too well?

CBI: yes, he could have been let go, he had a gun and they shot him, but they could have simply let him go /sarc

Good post Jenny

honkeie2 said...

Hmmm since I am in a math class right now everything I see seems to come at me in some form of math:
Man flashes gun and runs + Cops give chase to man with gun + running man with gun+ cops shot at running man with gun = On more dead career criminal.
I am with you Jenny on this one. And hell they shot him in the shoulder, it sucks that it killed him but if they wanted to kill him out right they would have made it a head shot!

Jeanette said...

I'm glad that you do your part in the community by calling the cops on things like a group of kids. Shit like this wouldn't happen around us with you around!

briliantdonkey said...

Not sure about the specifics of this story, but once, JUST once I would like to see someone's family say "Yeah he was a piece of shit lowlife and got what he deserved."


Aurie said...

I am certainly gonna think twice before I sit in the cool spot on the train heading into Manhattan after your rant. haha.