Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Speshul Blawger!!!

Thanks Blog Portland...you make me feel so fucking speshul! Now, some people may be offended by this award...but not me! I love it! All those years of riding the short bus, eating glue and wearing a helmet has finally paid off!

I am going to pass on this award to my special friends that I think probably still run into walls, drool and piss themselves...

Feeling Stoopid

Matty's Meaty Cupboard

Rattle The Brain

Istanbul Tory

The Cherry Ride

And don't get your panties in a twist boys...I like being drooled on!


Ashley said...

Look, I am first again!!!!

I have no other comments on this post. I don't care for the picture or the award. I guess I had comments after all. I guess after multiple years of working with kids and adults with disabilities, I cannot get behind this one.

That was a crabby blog entry. I apologize.

Jenny! said...

And that is why you weren't nominated! I know you don't like the "special" stuff...it's ok...it's not everybody's favorite!

blog Portland said...

It's nothing against retarded people, I'm simply using their unfortunate circumstances as a means to rag on other people. It's not like they'd get it or anything.

Jenny! said...

Blog Portland:
Fuck, dude...you just made me laugh so hard I can't control it!

Stan! said...

Let's high five! Clearly, I have risen to great heights in the blogging universe. But I'll take what I can get, hun.
And I only ever drool when sushi is on the menu....

Slick said...

WooHoo...congrats on the speshul award!

Yoda said...

Speshul? Is that for retards?


Christie said...

LMAO on BP's comment! And then I read Jenny's and laughed harder. You know you just pissed Dyck off because you didn't give it to him, too. I know, I know, he got it directly from the man himself, but he is a greedy bastard.

Diesel said...

I'm with Ashley. Retards should be hidden away somewhere where we can't see them. For shame!

P.S. I heard that long division works just like kryptonite on that guy.

Superstar said...

Hey I know that guy!!!! *giggles*

true blue said...

Hi Jenny Your Picy Looks like one of Hitch`s workers in his little "cellar" where most people fear to enter!

Nick said...



Cappy said...

Jenny, you are special!

snowelf said...

I think I dated that guy...
He hugged my leg once.


Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for the love!!

I always knew I was special I just never knew I was spechul!

Just Sayin' said...

I guess I'm just kinda offended that you used my picture for the award without telling me...

If I'd have known I would've put on my good cape!

Keshi said...

lolz @pic!


DoGGa said...

You can't help but laugh *clears throat and pulls straight face*

Stan! said...

Dyck's already got one!

Mike M said...

Ok, this award was made for me.....and you didn't even give it to me...... Mikie feel bad.....Mikie gonna cwy.....

captain corky said...

LOL You're out of your mind woman!

honkeie2 said...

WOOHOO I sofa king we todd did! I rode the short bus, sniffed ether and love getting high of nail polish remover.
I feel sooo thuper I could piss mythelf.....we i did that already!

NamesAreHardToPick said...

Haha, now that's a funny award.

Anonymous said...

getting hit with awards again...

how many times do i have to say congrats? geessh...

I am lazy like my sis.

Jenny! said...

Isn't sushi always on the menu???

Thanks dude!

No...its for brainiacs...like myself!!!

Don't worry about Dyck...I got something better for him than any kind of award!

He he he! So wrong...but so funny!

IS that the last guy you dated? No wonder things didn't work out!

True Blue:
Hitch has a cellar...why didnt someone tell me sooner!

Ha! Fucktards!

I know! Thanks!

Now that was the midget you dated...this guys just retarded!

Your welcome...I think you are very deserving...you damn retard!

Just Sayin:
Put on your good cape...only! Then send me the pictures! I promise I wont post them!

It's so mean to laugh, but I just can't help it!

Exactly! I'm not trying ot be mean...but I can't help it!

Dyck has one already, true...but I don't think it's my awards he's after!!!

Mike M:
Make sure your helmut is secured before bashing your head into the wall...your special to me!

No I'm not...you are!

I thought you would appreciate this one! Here's a napkin...wipe your face off, your getting boogers everywhere!

Right, Blog Portland did a good job!

And I am sick of saying thank you!

captain corky said...

Thanks for the compliment babe. ;)

honkeie2 said...

Thanks I needed that....I also droll after sex...

Shibari said...

lol I loved your post...
and I have been saying suck my dick forEVER.
I say DO IT!
keep kickin ass Jenny!

jungle jane said...

Nothing wrong with being spewshul, Jenny. You dribble wherever you want, yeah?

Nocturnal said...

Well done to Bum #2, that's too cool.