Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wanna See My Gash???

I had an interesting night yesterday...spent four hours in the emergency room getting the gash in my right thumb stitched up. We have a porcelain faucet knob in our shower and I went to turn it and the porcelain cracked and sliced my thumb right open. I have quite a lovely flap of skin hanging off and a deep deep laceration...all the way down to the bone! Hooray for me! The worst part of it all is the huge tennis ball size bump on the side of my head....I fainted! Now, I consider myself a real trooper and I have a pretty high tolerance for pain, but for whatever reason, fainting seems to be my weakness. In fact...I fainted twice last night...and it wasn't because of the pain! I have no idea what my problem is, I love watching medical shows, blood doesn't bother me, watching an autopsy is a lovely way to spend the evening and I would be a doctor if I liked people better, but I fucking faint! I suppose watching the blood squirt out of my gash to the rhythm of my heart beating was a bit much and I was out cold, clocked my head pretty good on the fucking floor. But you should all be so proud of me...not one tear rolled down my cheek and there was no screaming or whimpering like a bitch while they pulled back my skin flap and cleaned out the bloody fact it was kind of cool to see what your thumb bone looks like! The worst part was the burning shots of lidocaine that they poke your open bloody wound with before you get your stitches put in. Don made the doctor write me a note saying that I should stay home from work today, otherwise, I would have gone in and worked. Not too sore, but a bit awkward. If I can recover from a shattered humours and a c-section...this gash is nothing! It's kind of exciting being a bit incapacitated...Don gets to do all the dishes for a while...and help me in the shower! Now did you boys actually think that I would show off my other gash???


Hammer said...

Damn. sorry about your thumb. hope this doesn't mess up any aspirations of being a hand model ;)

I've know some seriously tough dudes who got weak kneed at the sight of their own blood.

Ashley said...

Oh my god, Jenny! Are you okay? That sounds so disgusting. I had a hard time reading it. Don better take really good care of you. Was he there to catch you or were you cleaning? Maybe that is overly personal. I am still cringing a little from this post. I hope it heals soon. How many stitches???

Mighty Dyckerson said...

My poor sweet darling Jennypoo! Let Dyckerson kiss it and make it better. Meanwhile, I think you have a good case for a lawsuit against the company that made your faucets...

Anonymous said...

I did hear rumors of pictures...

maybe it was on a different website

Anonymous said...

I don't think you should put so many responsibilites on him. I think he should focus on the dishes and I will volunteer to help you in the shower. Because i am a nice person and good friend

Crashdummie said...

OMG I almost fainted reading it! Thank God you didn't post a pic of your thumb bone...

You sure a helluva tough chic seeing your own ponepoking - bizare and kinda euwww, but tough - kudos to you!

jford said...

Ouch! I am sorry to hear about your thumb and am glad you didn't hurt yourself more seriously when you fainted and bumped your head. I hope you stayed home and took it easy for a day or two. Poor Don, having to do the dishes and housework. I will relieve him of some of the work and help you take your showers. ;) Feel better and be well.

fatwonkkid said...

The fainting my be caused by shock. I felt a bit woozie and nauseous when I cut my hand both times.

Did don have to rescue a bloody, wet, and nekked jenny! in the shower?

So I am guessing you did this to your right does that mean you have to "wipe" with your left hand?

That and will you now have to "click your own mouse" and "flog Don's dolphin" with your left hand too?

In regards to pictures....I posted pictures of both* my stitch related incident...

* well the second one i don't post too much, but that was because i did so much detail with my first incident.

Mike M said...

Damn, girl!! I almost fainted reading that!

Your a tough one, J!. Glad to know you are alright

-Papa said...

You fainted? I guess that means I can't read your blog anymore. ;O

blewknight said...

Hey! Now you can wear a rubber on your thumb when your in the shower. Come to think of it....that doesn't sound all that great. Sorry bout your thumb.

Christie said...

That sucks! I would have been a blubbering fool if that had happened to me. Did you get any good drugs for the pain?

*~*Cece*~* said...

I hope you got some good ass drugs to take on your day off!

Akelamalu said...

Oh crikey are you Ok? That was a rather extreme thing to do just to get Don to do the dishes wasn't it? Why didn't you just bribe him with promises of sex? ;)

Anonymous said...

OUCH! Doesn't sound like a fun way to spend a day.

Hope it heals soon!

electro-kevin said...

Do post a picture of your gash.

We'd like to see it - out of concern for you of course.

I didn't faint when I had my hand injury - not until they started wiping it with swabs at hospital anyway. I wasn't shocked or squeamish at the scene at the sight of my gruesome injury.

Apparently fainting happens a lot when they start swabbing for some reason. You must be different.

electro-kevin said...

Get better soon


Flyinfox_SATX said...

Yeah, sorry to hear that you almost sliced yourself wide open there. And I am glad you are OK. Take the time off to post more!

....and yeah, I was expecting to see the gash!


VE said...

Your now scarred? Damn...I cannot visit you anymore...a blemish!

Just kidding...I actually get frequent flyer miles for all my visits to the Emergency Room. I don't know about the fainting thing though; that's a sure sign of weakness (or is it a sure sign of a long winter..or is it...oh, I don't know)

Sassy Blondie said...

Poor Jenny! Feel better real soon! :)

Yoda said...

Oh darling!! OUCH! I would've screamed like a high school girl and then cursed the living daylights out of the porcelain thingy that was mean to you!

I hope it heals soon.


Anonymous said...

hahahah, that last line killed me!

well done on being so damn brave with the finger stuff. you've got a great attitude. Can't say I would have behaved that well at the hospital though, but I think you did awesome.

Heal soon! or maybe not....getting out of dishes rocks

Superstar said...

don't did it in the shower and crashed into the sink w/ your head and slicing your thumb!
~nods head up and down~
LOL ;o)
Happened to me once w/ the faucet on the wall in the shower!

Loaf said...

Seeing gash is always welcome, but not when it's dripping with blood.

Get well soon!

captain corky said...

Just the sight of my own blood makes me feel queasy. I hope you're doing alright and they gave you some really good pain killers.

Can I have some please?

Jenny! said...

Thanks for all your well wishes folks! I didn't get any drugs...but if I did...I totally would have shared with ya'll!

RAFFI said...

that's a vasovagal response. but, i am disappointed you didn't show us both gashes... c'mon jennay!!

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

Hope your thumb gets better.

I hate hospitals, I refuse to visit people in them, because they really scare me.

A bit disappointed, of course, by lack of gash pics.

Dan Mega said...

Oh boo hoo! =P

EmRocks said...

Jen take a pic!! And your welcome for taken u to the er. and also THANKS SOOOO MUCH for showing me it over and over again, knowing that im afraid of blood. haha...
Glad its better tho!!!

George said...

Babe ... I think it's called shock. Happened to me once when I broke my ankle ... was doing fine for a few hours until my ankle realized it was broken.

Take care of yourself ... you need the thumg to properly encircle things

Nocturnal said...

What are you worried about, you have another one. ;)

Take care of that thumb young lady and have a good weekend.


Gardener Greg said...

well you have to dream don't ya. :) Sorry about the hoo boo. I have one on each leg this morning. Don't worry about the fainting. I did once too while giving blood. Have a great weekend and I recommend pain pills and beer. :)

~Miss Smack said...

ugh ! Hope you're feeling better soon and I agree with our good friend and sexstud, Dyck. Sue the mongrels.

Stacie said...

Yikes Jenny! I hope it heals up quickly. I bet it hurts like mofo!
Take care..

snowelf said...

Wow--I also had a hard time reading that, but I did it! That was some pretty good description.

You are tough Jenny! You are totally my pain idol

I am sorry that happened to you though. :(


The Diva's Thoughts said...

Oh you are good! I would have screamed and whimpered like a little bitch!!! LOL

Poor thing.

Princess Extraordinaire said...

Ouch! I'm sorry you hurt yourself ad hope you're feeling better soon - see if the doctor can write you a month's note off work for pain adn suffering...

Slick said...

Ouch! Sorry girl.

I have a buddy who would faint at the sight of his own blood. Anyone else's blood, he wouldn't care...but his own?

Freak out city.

zen wizard said...

There's a landmark tort case you have to study in law school where that happened, and I almost flunked wrapping my brain around it because I couldn't see how that could possibly really happen in real life.

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